What do the different error messages in the Data Pad mean? How can I resolve them?

The Data Pad within LabChart can display the following error messages:
#NaN / #!NUM : This is an error that is generated if there is 'null' data within the selection being added - null data refers to a section where there is no data at all, such as the area around a Block Marker. Check that your selection only includes actual data:


#DIV/0! : This error is mainly present when entering a formula into the Data Pad, and arise where one or more parts of the formula are trying to divide by zero (in the below example, the formula in D2 is trying to divide by A2, which contains no data). To resolve this, check that all referenced cells in the formula contain numerical data:


#FUNC!: This error will appear if there is something missing in your formula, the main issue being missing (or extra) letters caused by typing errors. This also causes the background of the formula bar to be tinted red. In the example below, the 'M' of the 'SUM' function is missing, which produces this error. If this error occurs, check there aren't any missing / extra letters (or brackets) in the formula:


#FORM!: This error relates to the formatting of a formula - some part of the formula is in the incorrect format. This can be caused by accidental spaces, commas or hyphens that do not match the expected syntax of the formula. In the below example, there is a space in the data reference after the colon - this is not correct formatting, the second cell reference must come immediately after the colon, without a space. Check that your formula is written in the correct format:


#VALUE!: This error is caused if you explicitly reference cells that contain different types of data. In the below example, some of the referenced cells contain numerical data, some contain text (cell B2) - since the cells are specifically referenced, this generates the #VALUE! error. To resolve this, either:
  • Exclude cells that contain text from your formula
  • Use data references in your data instead of specifying individual cells (e.g. 'SUM(B2:E2)) - references will ignore cells that contain text or non-numerical characters.