What do the different tBase status lights mean?

The status light at the front of the tBase provides information on the communication status between the tBase and the telemeter. The different status lights are summarised in Table 1.

Table 1: What do the tBase status lights mean? 

The status lights on the tBase may flicker between solid green and solid orange during normal operation as the telemeter enters and leaves the power field with normal activity of the mouse i.e. mouse climbing on and off large objects in the cage.

*Troubleshooting: If the status light is solid red, the power field of the tBase has been disabled and the telemeter will not be powered and therefore no data will be recorded from the telemeter. This is likely because the tBase is placed too close to a metal surface or to another tBase. Move the tBase away from any metal and then reset by turning the power off and on. If the problem persists, record a diagnostic file in ConfigSoft while the tBase is showing a red status light and contact support.

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