What does the DSI Product Warranty Cover?

DSI's warranty policy is a three-part program covering telemetry implants with separate warranty durations for battery life, implant life, and maximum warranty period. 

DSI warrants to customers that, for each of the warranty periods set forth below, DSI telemetry implants and other products shall conform to DSI’s applicable published specifications in effect at the time of shipment, and shall be free from defects in materials and workmanship.

For telemetry implants, the “Warranted Battery Life” (WBL) is the cumulative periods of battery “on time” for each model, as specified per implant model.  DSI warrants that the implant will operate within specifications for this period of time. In operation, a particular implant’s battery life may exceed the WBL, but DSI does not warrant that the implant will operate within specifications when the cumulative on-time has exceeded the WBL.

The “Warranted Implant Life” (WIL) is the cumulative period of time DSI warrants an implant to perform in vivo in accordance with specifications. DSI does not warrant the performance to DSI’s applicable published specifications for devices that have been implanted longer than the WIL.  Therefore, if a customer uses telemetry implants for longer periods of time than the WIL, the customer assumes all risk of implant failure, compromised data quality or other adverse effects after the WIL has been exceeded.

The “Warranty Period” (WP) is the continuous period commencing on the date that each product is shipped to the customer.  It is three months longer than the warranted implant life to allow for shelf life prior to implant and use within the animal.

Device operation and data collection outside of warranty is done at the sole discretion and risk of the customer.

For more information and updated Warranty Duration details for specific Implant models, see the table linked HERE.