What is the maximum sampling rate on all channels when using multiple PowerLabs?

With LabChart for Windows version 7.2 or later you can use multiple PowerLabs in one LabChart file.  This means that it is possible to record up to 32 channels of data (2 x PowerLab 16/35).

The maximum sampling rate when using multiple PowerLabs is dependent on the PowerLab that is the 'master device' and the sampling rates for this device.  If this is a 35-series research PowerLab, the maximum sampling rates are as follows:

  • 200 kHz using one or two input
  • 100 kHz using three or four inputs
  • 40 kHz using five to eight inputs
  • 20 kHz using nine to sixteen inputs

This however will carry across to the second 16 channels if using a second 16/35 PowerLab. i.e you can sample at 20KHz on all 32 channels, rather than the maximum sampling rate of the one PowerLab being further reduced  to 10KHz. Or if you just use 2 channels from each 35-series PowerLab, you can use 200KHz per channel on each channel.

If you are using a 26-series teaching PowerLab the maximum sampling rates are as follows:

  • 100 000 samples/s per channel (concurrent);
  • 400 000 samples/s (aggregate)

However, if being used as a 'slave device' to a 35-series PowerLab, it can adopt the maximum sampling rate of the master device assuming the minimum no of channels for the master are being used (eg 2 channels from each PowerLab).

More information regarding using multiple devices can be found in this document.