What other Programs might I need installed to use all the features of LabTutor Server?

LabTutor Server is a self-contained program - it does not require any other programs to run, but certain features of the Server do require other programs in order to make use of them (use of these features is not mandatory).

Emailing Reports as Word Documents

In order to select the option to email reports in any given course, the machine that is running the LabTutor Server must have Microsoft Word 2007 or later installed, which emails the report as a .docx Word Document:
 Exporting Student Answers as .csv documents

Student Answers can be exported as .csv (Comma Separated Values) file from 'Status' sub-tab within the 'Student Data' tab:
The exporting and saving of this file does not require any additional programs, but you will need Microsoft Excel '97 or later (or a program such as WordPad that can read .csv files) in order to open and view the .csv file.
Exporting Student Data

Student Data can be exported into the LabChart 7 format (.adicht), by searching under the 'Student Data' tab, within the 'Find and Manage' sub tab, selecting the student, or group of students, and clicking the 'blue arrow':

You do not need to have LabChart installed to create the file, but you will need LabChart 7.0.3 / LabChart Reader 7.0.3 or later to open and view the file.