What Parameters can be output from the Finometer MIDI?

The Finapress Finometer MIDI has a standard BNC output which allows you to collect the raw pulsatile pressure data from the unit via the PowerLab.  An additional output cable (FM-M2 Analog Interface Cable)is available which allows up to 4 other parameters to be measured by PL/LC.  By default these are:
  • Output 1 (Black, Finger) – is the raw continuous finger pressure signal.
  • Output 2 (Gray, reBAP) – is the reconstructed brachial artery pressure signal.
  • Output 3 (Blue, ECG) – is the analog ECG signal which is available when the optional ECG module (or any other external signal) is connected to the ECG input of Finometer MIDI.
  • Output 4 Green (Marker) – generates a voltage of 2 V as long as the MARKER key is pressed on the Finometer MIDI.
If you have the Beatscope Easy software from Finapress, it is possible to reconfigure the outputs for different parameters (these are selected from within the software).  The possibilities are:

1. Finger (Finger Pressure)

2. Height

3. Calibration (Square Wave)

4. Marker

5. FinAP (Filtered Finger Pressure)

6. ReBAP (Brachial Pressure from Finger)

7. SYS (Systolic Finger Pressure)

8. DIA (Diastolic Finger Pressure)

9. MAP (Mean Arterial Finger Pressure)

10. HR (Heart Rate)

11. ECG (only on channel 3)

12. Pleth (only available on channel4)

NB - It is not possible to output Cardiac Output (CO) or Total Peripheral Resistance (TPR).