What T106/T206 Transonic Flowprobes are compatible with the 400-Series Flowmeter?

Perivascular Flowprobes

Most T106 and T206 perivascular probes can be made compatible with the new TS420 module.

This includes:

• V-Series probes

• R-Series probes

• S-Series probes

The new 400-series flowmeters use a different eprom scheme and cannot decode the information in the TX06 probe eproms. However, a separate eprom key compatible with the TS420 can be provided to make probes cross compatible. In all cases, probes need to be sent to Transonic Systems for testing and programming keys for use with the TS420 module since the transmit voltages and normalization signals are very different between the two systems. It is also recommended that older probes are flow tested and the calibration re-certified at that time.

Compatibility between the systems allows customers with large investments in probes to phase-in their upgrade to the new 400-series flowmeter. In most cases, probe performance on the TS420 will be enhanced.

Cardiac Output Probes (A-Series)

A-series probes for the TX06 are not compatible with the TS420. The signals of the A-series flow probes are balanced by specialized circuitry that is not reliable on the new TS420 module. Choose the PAU-series for cardiac output measurements on the TS420.


Connector Compatibility

4-Pin: CM4B, CM4S, CA4, CTSB4, CB4

These connectors are common between the TS420 and the TX06, but require different calibration keys for the TS420. TX06 probes can be upgraded with new 400-series keys.

10-Pin: CH10, CS10, CB10

TX06 probes with 10-pin connectors are programmed in the connector. They can be upgraded to the TS420 with a conversion cable (CH10-M2-CRA10) and 400-series key for cross compatibility. The conversion cable allows the probe to be used like a 4-pin probe with a key.


Flowsensors for Tubing

N-Series and C-Series tubing flowsensors for the T106/T206 flowmeters are not compatible with the TS420 Perivascular module or the TS410 Tubing module. In the TS410, Transonic Systems has implemented 4-transducer flow technology to provide better accuracy for flow measurement through tubing materials. The program scheme of the TS410 allows each tubing flow sensor sensor to be calibrated for multiple tubing/fluid/temperature conditions. XL-sensors connectors for the T110/T110R may be reconfigured for the TS410 if within specification.