What is the typical flow rate/capacity of the warm water-circulating pump of the Compact Langendorff System?

The flow rate of the water-circulating pump is constant and cannot be varied. The typical flow rate of warm water to the Heart Chamber and Junction Block is 107


Protocol to test pump flow rate/capacity

  1. Connect the Heart Chamber and the Junction Block
    to the Langendorff Apparatus (refer to Langendorff System Owner’s Guide if required). 
  2. Fill the water bath with water and switch-on
    the water-circulating pump.
  3. Prime the Heart Chamber – Junction Block
  4. Turn off the left middle Luer connector and
    remove the silicon tube from left middle Luer connector (refer to the picture
  5. Collect water from this silicon tube in a beaker
    for one minute; then measure the quantity of water collected in the beaker.