What is the Zoom Window in LabChart?

With the Zoom Window you can expand and examine a small section of LabChart data in detail. To view data from a single channel, drag to select the area of interest in the LabChart window (drag in the Time axis to select multiple channels), then choose the Zoom Window item from LabChart's Windows menu or click the Zoom Window button in the Tool Bar.

Measurements are made easily from the displayed data using the Waveform Cursor and the Marker. The number buttons at the bottom left corner of the window determine which Channel's waveform is tracked when several channels of data are displayed. The time (t) and amplitude (Y) readings at the tracking point are reported at the top of the window. The channel data can be viewed in either Stacked or Overlaid modes.

A practical example would be measuring an R-R interval from an ECG recording and then calculating instantaneous heart rate. The same measurements can be calculated using the Data Pad (and the results for heart rate compared). Students should be encouraged to make manual measurements from their data before using the Data Pad. The contents of the Zoom Window can be copied and printed. This ensures that the data can easily be incorporated into lab reports.