When copying a Table to Paste onto the Report Page within LabAuthor, why is the 'Paste Alias' option not available?

Paste Alias functionality is used in LabAuthor to create live links between items on different pages, and is available for LabTutor Data Panels (Data Recording) and Questions. The Alias function means that when Students type answers into a Question Box (for example), their answers appear in the duplicate of the Question in the Report.
When Authoring in LabAuthor the Student answer is not initially present hence the need for Paste Alias.
Tables function in a slightly different manner - the fact that a Pasted Table has the same Data Reference as the originaleffectively means that the Tables are already Aliases of each-other - they are linked to the same Sheet in the LabTutor Kernel.Therefore Paste Alias is not required (and therefore not an option) when Pasting a Table.