When I try to save my Custom Experiment in LabAuthor, I get an error stating "The location 'X' is within a LabTutor Experiment. Please select a different location." How do I resolve this?

The error described is caused if you are attempting to save your LabAuthor Experiment in a location that LabAuthor has recognized as a LabTutor Experiment Folder

This is actually determined by the presence of one or more of the following two files (Important Note - DO NOT move these files from LabTutor Experiment Folders):
1. 'experiment' XML File:

2. 'experiment' LabTutor Experiment Control File:

If either of these files are in the location you are trying to save to, the error message will appear- to resolve this you will need to select a different (valid) save location.

Note: This error is most commonly encountered if you are trying to save your Experiment with the same name as an existing Experiment in the same save location. It is recommended that you always change the name of an Experiment in the Experiment Properties if it is an edited version of an existing Experiment.