When merging Experiments in LabAuthor, can I Preview Pages from another Experiment before importing them?

Whilst you cannot have more than 1 Experiment open in LabAuthor, you can use Internet Explorer to Preview Pages from other LabAuthor Experiments. To do this:
- Open the LabAuthor Experiment Folder of the Experiment of interest. By default Installed Experiments can be found:
In Windows 7 / 8 / 10:
 | Computer | C:/ | Users | Public | Public Documents | ADInstruments | LabTutor | Experiment Files
In Windows XP / Vista:
Start | My Computer | C:/ | Users | Public | Public Documents | ADInstruments | LabTutor | Experiment Files
This can be configured prior to Installing by clicking the 'Browse' button at the top-right of the main page of the 'Install Experiments' Utility
Then either:
- Right-click the Page you wish to Preview and Select 'Open with' and select 'Internet Explorer'
- Double-click the page, and choose to open with Internet Explorer when prompted to select a browser:
(The options will very depending on your version of Windows)
This will open the selected page in Internet Explorer, allowing you to preview the pages to check it contains the content you want, before actually importing it into LabAuthor.