When working in LabChart under the GLP Module I cannot delete data, but doesn't Monitoring Mode let me get around this?

Monitoring Mode is a feature of LabChart that lets you view incoming data from your PowerLab's inputs without recording it (data shown in this mode disappears when Monitoring Mode is deactivated).
Whilst Monitoring Mode is available when using the LabChart GLP Module, there are several issues with using this mode whilst working under GLP:
  1. Using this feature is likely going to go against your Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
  2. Whilst the data 'recorded' in Monitoring Mode is not retained in the file, the activation and deactivation of Monitoring Mode is logged in the un-editable GLP Audit Log. Therefore, if your GLP Compliance is audited, you will be held to account as to why you used Monitoring Mode rather than recording the data as normal: