Where do I get GLP certificates?

As of  July 20th 2018, the website to renew certificates (glp.adinstruments.com) will be shutdown and no longer available for GLP users to renew certificates for their GLP installations. Affected users will now obtain certificates from a third party provider of their choice rather than via our website.

The reason for this change is to adhere to security best practices, and reduce ongoing development and operations costs associated with this service. This allows ADInstruments to better focus on improving our core products and services. Because the website stores some user personally identifying information, this change also assists with our compliance with the recently introduced European General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).

GLP installations will continue to work exactly the same as usual. However, when the certificate that GLP uses to sign your LabChart files expires you will obtain a new certificate via an updated process described here.

The new procedure is different in that the user will now obtain certificates from a trusted third party provider rather than via our website. However, it is not overall more difficult to apply and the process is thoroughly described.

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