Why are basic features of LabChart not available?

If basic features of LabChart for Windows (such as Data Pad, Cyclic Measurements, Scope View, etc.) are not available after the software is installed, the user profile privileges for the profile LabChart is being installed under or an anti-virus software being used may be preventing the necessary files from being written to the LabChart Standard Extensions folder (File Path: C: -> Program Files (x86) -> ADInstruments -> LabChart 8 -> Essential Files -> Standard Extensions).  Contact your institution's IT department to ensure your user profile has the necessary privileges for accessing this folder, and if any anti-virus software is being used, it is not mistakenly removing necessary LabChart files during or after the install.

After the necessary changes have been made, reinstall LabChart for Windows by downloading and running the installer file located HERE.  If the issue is still not resolved after following these steps, please contact your local ADInstruments Technical Support Representative.