Why are emails stuck in the LabTutor Server queue undelivered?

There are several factors which can impede LabTutor Server from sending emails.  The most common are listed below:

  • Log onto LabTutor Server as administrator, click on Server tab > Configuration tab > then in the Email section click and verify Reply Address.

    • Check all anti-virus software settings as these softwares often block the SMTP traffic generated by LabTutor when sending emails.

    • Check firewall settings to ensure neither are blocking outgoing access on the required SMTP port.

    • You may have to consult with your IT department to setup SMTP exception for LabTutor Server.  Please have your local IT person download and run "LabTutor Server Email Configuration Utility" on your LabTutor server.
    If you require further assistance with the email configuration of your LabTutor Server, please contact ADInstruments Technical Support.