Why are the force transducers on a DMT Wire Myograph slow to respond to changes in tension?

Vacuum grease is used to seal the force transducer mounting pin holes (circled in red in the image below) to prevent buffer solution or water from entering the transducer housings and damaging the force transducers. 





This grease can become more viscous with age and exposure to buffer solution, which can dampen/slow the movement of the transducer mounting pins.  To correct this issue, the old vacuum grease will need to be removed and new grease applied.  To remove the old grease, use a cotton swab or a pair of laboratory tweezers to remove it from around the mounting pin through-hole.  The new vacuum grease can be applied with the same method. 


Caution:  the myograph chamber force transducer is extremely delicate, and can be damaged if excessive force is applied to the transducer's mounting pin.  Avoid placing large amounts of force on the transducer's mounting pin during the procedure outline above.

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