Why are some LabTutor buttons missing when doing experiments?

Buttons such as the Submit button may not be visible in LabTutor Client or Online due to the course configuration. Please log in the to LabTutor Server administration pages and check the configuration in the Courses tab, to ensure that the desired options are selected.
Buttons such as the Submit or the green Previous and Next buttons may not be visible in LabTutor Client or Online due to browser compatibility issues. To ensure the best performance, we recommend using the latest version of Internet Explorer (IE) to access LabTutor Client. IE7, IE8 and IE9 are all supported, but IE9 will give the best performance. LabTutor Online can be acessed using any of the supported versions of IE, or using the latest version of the FireFox, Chrome or Safari browsers.

LabTutor buttons may also be missing in IE due to temporary/cached internet files or add-ons. Please follow these steps to attempt to display all relevant LabTutor buttons:

  1. The first thing and simplest thing to try is to delete any temporary internet files used by Internet Explorer. To do this, in Internet Explorer click Tools?Internet Options. In the Browsing history panel in the General tab click the Delete... button. In the pop-up dialog uncheck the Preserve Favorites website data option. Do select Temporary Internet files for deletion and click Delete. Then Exit Internet Explorer. Test if the LabTutor experiments are correctly displayed and run correctly.
  2. If the above step does not correct the problem, the next option is to disable the Internet Explorer Add-ons, test LabTutor and then sequentially re-enable the Add-ons one by one until the problem Add-on has been identified.  ADInstruments has one or two cases where an installed Add-on in Internet Explorer caused problems in LabTutor. To disable Internet Explorer Add-ons, in the Tools menu in IE select Manage Add-ons. Prior to disabling the Add-ons take a screen shot of the current configuration (note that you only want to be showing the Currently loaded add-ons. Disable all of current add-ons except any specifically for ADInstruments. LabTutor ones. These add-ons will only show up if LabTutor is in use. Otherwise they will not be visible. This is expected.
    Start by disabling add-ons that are displayed in the Currently loaded add-ons list. Once the add-ons in Internet Explorer are disabled, re-attempt access of the LabTutor experimental pages and check if the problem has resolved. If it the issue has resolved, re-enable the add-ons one by one until the problem in LabTutor reappears. Please notify Support of the add-on that caused the problem.
  3. If the above steps do not work, the last resort is to reset Internet Explorer to its default settings and check if that restores correct behavior in LabTutor 4 experiments. Resetting Internet Explorer won't delete the Favorites, but it will most likely remove things like stored password etc. (the implications of this are something the user to consider before resetting Internet Explorer).

To date the only problematic add-on has been the Sophos IE8 Add-on. Disabling Sophos IE8 Add-on has resolved the issue in the cases to date.

If LabTutor buttons are still not being displayed correctly, please contact the support team.
This information is relevant for LabTutor v.4.0 and later.