Why are some pages locked in the student preview of a LabAuthor edited lesson?

Checkpoints (locked)

You can control access to separate sections of an experiment by configuring a page to be a checkpoint page.

A checkpoint page is used to divide an experiment into different sections. A student must commit their work at each checkpoint to unlock access to the next section. When a section is committed it becomes read only, so the student can navigate and view the section, but not alter any experiment data.

·An experiment can have multiple checkpoint pages.

·Clicking Commit on a checkpoint page locksany experiment data in that section and unlocks the next section.

·A report page can also be a checkpoint page. In this case the student will need to submit the experiment to unlock pages after the report page. Note when the student submits, the entire experiment becomes read-only and no further changes can be made in the experiment (even those after the checkpoint).

1.Content after a checkpoint is restricted when a student previews an experiment.


2.Check Checkpoint Page in the Page Properties dialog.


3.Students will need to click the commit button before they can continue.



4.The section will then become read-only and the next section will then become available.


If you these steps to not solve the issue, please contact ADInstruments Technical Support for further assistance