Why are there two copies of the same Learning Module in the 'Experiment List'?


If a Learning Module component(s) has been uploaded to LabTutor Server with a different author, group or Learning Module title in its Experiment Properties, it will be treated as belonging to a different Learning Module. You will need to re-open the stray Learning Module component in LabAuthor and amend the Experiment Properties before creating a new installer and uploading to the Server. If you are unable to isolate the offending Experiment property, open a Learning Module component that is grouping correctly and check that the entries for the above fields are the same for each.

If you have edited an ADInstruments' authored Learning Module, ensure the option 'Keep this experiment part of the ADInstruments learning module' is selected in the Experiment Properties in LabAuthor for every component. If you have edited more than one or two components, it is suggested that you uncheck this option for every component and upload the subsequent installers. This ensures that the 'experiment author' property is consistent across the Learning Module.

This information is valid for LabTutor v4.5 and later.