Why are timestamps missing in MATLAB when I export my LabChart 7 file as MATLAB Data Format on Macintosh?

Timestamps are currently not supported in the Export MATLAB Extension for LabChart 7 for Macintosh. Timestamps can only be exported in the Export MATLAB Extension for LabChart for Windows.
If you have access to a Windows computer, then simply save your LabChart for Macintosh file in LabChart for Windows Data Format:
  • Go to File, Save As
  • Name the File
  • Select Where to Save
  • Change the File Format to LabChart for Windows Data
  • Press Save
Now, you can open your file in LabChart for Windows and use the Export MATLAB Extension to export the data in MATLAB Data Format which will include Timestamps. 

Please note that LabChart includes a 3 seat license which enables you to install the software on 3 computers: 1 for data acquisition and 2 for analysis. Both Macintosh and Windows Software Installers are included on your installation disc. However, you may also download the latest software installers from ADInstruments Website.