Why can't I connect to LabTutor 4 after upgrading to Windows 10?

- Shortcuts to http://computername do not load, simply displaying a 404 error. Adding https:// to the front allows the pages to be loaded 
- Logging in to Admin is not an issue assuming the above is followed 
- Attempting to log in as a Student causes a 404 error 
- The LabTutor Server Service is shown as running.
Some computers seem to install IIS when upgrading to Windows 10. IIS uses port 80, which then prevents LabTutor Server from using it.  Skype may also cause the same problem if it is running.
1) To check for these conflicts on LabTutor Server, the LabTutor Installation Advisor can be used:  http://www.adinstruments.com/support/downloads/windows/labtutor-server-installation-advisor
2) IIS can be disabled as follows:
  • On the LabTutor Server host, open Programs and Features
  • Select 'Turn Windows features on or off'
  • Uncheck Internet Information Services and click OK
3) If Skype is also causing conflicts, configure it so it will NOT start when the computer turns on