Why do I see limited options when I am logged into the LabTutor Server Admin Pages?

If you are seeing limited options under the various configuration tabs in the LabTutor Server Admin Pages you are most likely logged into the Admin Pages as a user with Instructor privileges, and not as a full Administrator. The Instructor and Administrator roles, and the various tasks associated with them, are summarized below. Each role can also perform the tasks of those roles lower in the table.

A full Administrator can:
    • Manage administrator and instructor profiles
    • Configure the server with department and organization names
    • Configure database backup time
    • Activate and deactivate LabTutor Online and change licensing modes
    • Configure LabTutor Online connection and display options
    • Download and install a LabTutor Server Admin Certificate
    • Remove course
    • Deactivate and reactivate students, en mass
    • Delete deactivated students, en mass
    • Import students
    • Export students
    • Export student answers
    • Delete student experiment data, en mass
    • Archive student data
    • Backup access to archived data via SFTP
    • Assign Instructors to specific courses
    • Assign students to restricted courses
An Instructor can:
    • Access instructor's material for experiments
    • Add or update ADInstruments experiments from the install media or ADInstruments website.
    • Add or update custom experiments
    • Edit course details
    • Allow resubmission of experiments reports
    • Add individual students
    • Edit students (including deactivating and resetting passwords)
    • Deactivate and Reactivate students
    • Delete individual student experiment data
    • Edit student experiment data
    • Add students to experiment groups
    • Review student experiments
    • Lock student experiments
    • Roll student experiment back to LabTutor Server from Online
    • Reset Checkpoints
    • Access archived student data
    • Configure and manage access to any restricted course they may be assigned