Why do the selection sizes change when changing HRV detection settings in imported EDF files?

This is a known issue in LabChart for Windows HRV Module version 1.4.2, and will be corrected in the LabChart for Windows HRV Module version 2.0 release.  To work around this issue in version 1.4.2, the user will need to perform the following steps:

1. Open the file in LabChart for Windows, left mouse click the File Menu, select "Export...",  and save the file as a LabChart Binary File (*.adibin)
2. Import this new binary file back into LabChart. Save this file as a new LabChart Data file.
3. To recover any macros in the original file, left mouse click the Macro Menu in the new file, and  select "Manage..."

4. In the Manage Macros pop-up window that appears, left mouse click the Import Button, open the original file, select the required macros, and left mouse click the Import Button to import into the new file.

Changes to the HRV settings in specific selections will now behave correctly in the newly created LabChart data file.