Why does LabChart 8 for Mac stop responding when using Scope View?

For Macs that have high-resolution Retina displays, users may encounter responsiveness and stability issues. These stability issues can be severe enough that LabChart or LabChart Reader may become unresponsive when scrolling along the horizontal timescale in Scope View. 

There are several workarounds for this issue. First, try to keep the horizontal scaling more compressed (by clicking this button (outlined in red) in the lower right corner of the LabChart screen) in order to avoid the need for scrolling and then try to analyze your data within that window.

Additionally, depending on what is available, you could try to use a different Mac computer that does not have a Retina display or use a Windows device instead. Lastly, a more complicated alternative is to keep using the same Mac, but run it in a virtual environment. Setting this up may require assistance from your IT department. 

We do not recommend using LabChart 7 as an alternative since it does not have Scope View. You can compare LabChart editions in the table here

This has been logged into our Software Change Request System and will be addressed in a future LabChart release. If you have additional questions about any other LabChart feature, please contact your local ADInstruments Technical Support Representative .