Why does the LabTutor Server desktop shortcut not work when the computer name is a number?

The problem is that the computer has been given a name that only consists of numbers. When Windows processes the shortcut target it incorrectly converts the machine name to an IP address and breaks the shortcut.

Furthermore, there may be other aspects to the software that do not function correctly because of the computer name.

Because of the nature of the problem, we recommend that you change the name of the computer to include alphabetic characters.

If this is not possible, you can create your own shortcut to LabTutor Server. However, depending on your browser, you may be subject to a certificate warning each time you use this shortcut. To create a new shortcut:

If you would like to change the icon to the normal LabTutor Server icon:

  • Right click the icon and select Properties
  • Select Change Icon
  • Select browse, and navigate to "C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\ADInstruments"
  • Select ADILTIcons.dll
  • Select the LabTutor Server icon and click OK