Why does the Minipuls 3 Peristaltic Pump not respond to the STH Pump Controller's input?

Prior to using the IN175 STH Pump Controller and ML172 Minipuls 3 Peristaltic Pump together, it is necessary to set the maximum allowable pump speed for when the pump is operated remotely. If the maximum allowable pump speed is not set, the pump will not respond to remote control inputs as the factory default setting is zero. The steps to set the maximum allowable pump speed for remote operation are as follows:

  1. Ensure that the STH Pump Controller to Peristaltic Pump Cable is disconnected from the Minipuls 3 Peristaltic Pump's control input socket.
  2. Turn the Peristaltic Pump On.
  3. Without the Pump head turning, use the "+" Pump Speed Key to increase the value being displayed on the Pump's LCD screen to 48, the Pump's maximum RPM.
  4. The IN175 STH Pump Controller will now be able to adjust the pump's speed over the full RPM range.

The setup steps listed above can also be found on Pages 34 - 35 of the Langendorff System Owner's Guide, located HERE.

Please get in touch with your local ADInstruments Technical Support Representative for further assistance with this issue.