Why does the PowerLab's Power indicator light remain dark?

On the PowerLab's front panel there is a power indicator that should glow blue and stay lit under normal conditions.
In rare cases the power indicator remains dark and indicates a problem.
  1. the indicator is dark but LabChart recognizes the PowerLab and works normal: the indicator LED is damaged, but that doesn't influence the performance of the PowerLab. You may return the PowerLab for repair at your convenience.
  2. the indicator is dark and so is the power button at the back panel: make sure the power outlet is in working order by connecting a different appliance to it. You might want to change the power cord to rule out a problem with it. If this won't help then the most likely reason is a damaged power supply. Please contact you ADInstruments Support team to arrange for a repair.
  3. the indicator is dark but, the power button at the back panel is lit, the PowerLab is not recognized by LabChart: the PowerLab is powered but the self test found an error. Disconnect all front ends from the PowerLab and restart it. If the error remains the PowerLab needs to be repaired. If the PowerLab alone is working fine turn it off and reconnect one front end at a time and try again to isolate the error; a known issue is when you use the STH Pump Controller it has to be connected by the I2C cable directly to the Bridge Amp that is also linked by the BNC cable. Please refer to the STH Pump Controller Owner's guide. In most cases this resolves the issue. If the problem persists contact you ADInstruments Support team for further advice.