Why does a 'Red X' appear instead of an image in LabAuthor?

There are two main reasons why images won't be displaying in LabAuthor, and may show a 'Red X' instead:
  1. LabAuthor cannot find the file path to the source image. Ensure that the source image is located in the correct directory in relation to the LabAuthor experiment. If the images appear fine in preview mode (F12), then this is likely to be the cause.
  2. If the image being imported into LabAuthor is of a very large file size (e.g 1MB +), LabAuthor can sometimes display this image as a 'Red X'. This is dependant upon the computer running LabAuthor. For example on a high-end PC, the image will most likely import fine, but on a lower-end PC the image may display a 'Red X' instead of the actual image.  Similarly, if the images still do not display correctly in preview mode (F12), then this is likely to be the cause. 
Keeping the source image file to a reasonable size is important to ensure the best user experience, as large sized source images will result in performance degradation.

The source image file size should be relatively proportionate to the image being displayed in the experiment. 
Remember not to make source images too small in file size, as this can also result in pixelation which makes the image quality suffer.
If necessary, source images can easily be compressed or re-sized in common image editing applications such as Adobe Photoshop or MS Paint.