Why is LabChart automatically assigning channel titles, recording ranges, number of channels, etc. when opening a new file?

This is due to the default settings applied to newly created LabChart documents having been changed from the standard new file format settings.  To revert to the standard file format inLabChart for Windows, open a new file, left mouse click on the Edit Menu, and select the "Default Settings..." option.  The File settings pop-up window will now appear.  To revert to the standard file settings, left mouse click on the "Revert" button.

To perform this same operation inLabChart for Mac, open a new file, left mouse click the LabChart Menu, mouse over the Preferences sub-menu, and select the "Save Default Settings..." option.  From this point on, the process is identical to the one in the Windows version of LabChart.

The default file settings will now be applied to all new documents in LabChart when they are first created.