Why is my DMT Automated Buffer Filler not filling to the correct specified volumes?

The volumes that the Automated Buffer Filler dispenses can inadvertently be changed depending on where the bottle for the filler is positioned.  If the bottle is not directly behind the filler and on the same bench top, there may be differences in volume being dispensed.  Even putting the bottle in a water bath, which slightly elevates the bottle, can alter the dispensed volumes, even if it is directly behind the buffer filler. 

When the fillers are calibrated during manufacture, they are calibrated with the bottle directly behind the filler, sitting on the same bench top. Therefore, the optimal position for accurate filing volumes is directly behind the Automated Buffer Filler on a surface at the same level as the filler.

If your filler is still dispensing incorrect volumes, please contact your local ADInstruments Support Representative.

As of July 14 2017, ADInstruments no longer sells or supports any DMT products (unless previously purchased under tender contract). Instead, please contact DMT direct.