Why is the name of an edited LabTutor experiment displaying incorrectly when it is uploaded to the LabTutor Server?

If the new name of an edited experiment is not displaying correctly when the new version is uploaded to the LabTutor Server, the experimental properties were not changed from the previous version during editing.  You will need to reopen the experiment in the LabAuthor editing software, left mouse click the Edit Menu in the LabAuthor View, and select the "Experimental Properties,,," option.

The Experimental Properties pop-up dialog window will now appear, and you can make the necessary changes to the experiment title and version number here to ensure that the correct experiment title is displayed in LabTutor Server.  Please note, a new installer for this revised version will need to be created and uploaded to the LabTutor Server. 

For a complete description of the processes used when editing a preexisting LabTutor experiment with the LabAuthor software, please view the instructional video located Here.