Why is the PowerLab not connecting to the computer via USB when used with a third-party device?

If the PowerLab does not connect to the computer, and/or has a flashing red status light when connected to a third-party device via an analog input or the trigger input, do the following in the order listed:

  1. Close the LabChart software.
  2. Turn off the PowerLab
  3. Disconnect the Third-Party device from the PowerLab
  4. Turn on the PowerLab
  5. Wait until the computer's Operating System loads the PowerLab's hardware drivers
  6. Start the LabChart software

The PowerLab should now be connected to LabChart, and you can reconnect the third-party device to it.  This problem is normally caused when a third-party device outputs a constant voltage offset to one of the PowerLab's inputs, which causes the PowerLab to fail the self-test it performs when it is turned on.

If this does not solve the issue, please contact one of your region's ADInstruments Technical Support representatives by filling out the web form located HERE.