Why shouldn't LabAuthor and LabTutor 4 server be installed on the same computer?

This is an unsupported configuration for the following reasons:

  1. LabAuthor and LabTutor Server share common components, such the LabTutor Kernel and .NET, and therefore running both LabAuthor and LabTutor Server can lead to random and unpredictable behavior.
  2. It can generate confusion when checking for updates.
  3. If the experiment files generated by LabTutor Server are opened with LabAuthor this can cause issues with the LabTutor Server database. There have been a number of cases where either customers or Sales staff have attempted to do this and it has caused LabTutor Server to stop working.

Note: ADInstruments Sales staff typically need to have both installed on the one computer for demonstration purposes. As a Sales tool it is OK to install both on the same machine (as long as the above situations are avoided), but it should not be recommended as an option for users.