Why is the 'Start' button greyed out on Data Panels in student experiments?

If an experiment is being accessed in 'Preview Mode', the 'Start' button will appear greyed out/inactive in Data Panels. Graphs, tables, comment and answer panels will also be uneditable. The 'Start button will also be greyed out if no PowerLab is attached.

To make these components editable and for data to be sampled, the experiment must be started by the student, deeming it 'In Progress'. To start an experiment, click the 'Start' button on the navigation toolbar of LabTutor Client. You will be redirected to the first page of that experiment and all student components will become fully editable.

Administrators are able to set any of the above options in the LabTutor Admin paged by going to Courses | [Course Name] | Experiment Options

This information is valid for LabTutor v4.5.2 and later.