Why won't LabAuthor install?

If you experience problems installing the LabAuthor component of the LabTutor 4 Teaching Suite, please check the following.
  • Is the installer file you are downloading being flagged by the browser as potentially harmful?
  • Are you able to download the installer from a different browser on your client machine? 
  • Is an anti-virus software running and preventing the download?
  • Are local permission disallowing you from installing software?
Web browser and anti-virus security settings have been known to cause this issue. Try temporarily disabling any anti-virus software, downloading the installer file with a different web browser, or attempting a download and install on a different computer to troubleshoot the cause and identify the solution.  You may need to contact your local IT department to assist you with the installation.

If you these steps to not help solve the issue, please contact ADInstruments Technical Support for further assistance