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January 31, 2022

New Releases
  • Accessibility - Users can access mini-pages in the learning content by using the keyboard
    • Navigation and page content now have visible focus for the user
    • Navigation can be accessed to the next or previous page by pressing the enter key or spacebar on the navigation button
  • Student experience - Improvements made to the mobile view of the Pay Now and Enter Code Later buttons to sit nicely.
    • The Pay Now button in the grace period banner now takes the user directly to our payment processor, Stripe
  • Natural Sort - Sort order for the Content Library has been updated from machine-oriented sorting (e.g. Items were labeled A1, A2, A3... but sorted A1, A10, A11, A12, A2, A3 etc) to natural sort order
  • In App Comms - Empty Lessons and Modules cards now have more informative wording about how to import content into your course, including a link to our Content Library
  • Data Settings button - The 'Data Settings' button is persisted for a course where it's Example Data setting is 'On by Default'
  • Drag and Drop - We have fixed text selection and the drag/drop bug which only allowed the user to see up to two decimal places
    • This also includes improvements to dragging/copying data values out of our sampling-related panels
  • Image uploads - In the General Settings of Instance Administration we no longer support the .svg image format
    • Many email clients including Gmail do not support this format causing SVG's not to display in invite emails
    • Note this will not fix the issue for existing affected customers unless they re-upload the image in .jpg or .png format


21 January 2022


English (en-US) +

  • Frog Nerve – Lab v1.3.4 (Animal Physiology, Neuroscience) 
    • Updated images of CAP records.
    • Updated our setup video style. 
    • Slightly modified settings to the CAP threshold activity. 
  • Heart Valves module v1.3.4 (Human Phys, Lt Sensors Human Phys, Preclinical Med) 
    • Improvement to tutorials Cardiac Cycle (v1.3.2) and Heart Valves (v1.3.4) - Updated question about ordering of events during systole and diastole. 


14 January 2022


Spanish es-LA +


New Spanish content:

The complete Anatomia collection and the following modules in various collections.

  • Fisiología sensorial (Human Phys, Neuroscience, and Psychophysiology)
  • Ilusiones sensoriales (Human Phys, Neuroscience, and Psychophysiology)
  • Prueba de aptitud aeróbica (Exercise Physiology)
  • Nervio sensorial de la cucaracha (Animal Physiology, Neuroscience)
  • Potencial de acción de las lombrices de tierra (Animal Physiology, Neuroscience)
  • Nervio de Rana (Animal Physiology, Neuroscience)
  • Potenciales de acción intracelular (Animal Physiology, Neuroscience)
  • Ilusión tamaño-peso (Neuroscience, and Psychophysiology)
  • Potenciales Evocados Visuales (Neuroscience)
  • Metabolismo energético (Exercise Physiology) 

Portuguese pt-BR +

New Portuguese module in the Human Physiology and Lt Sensors collections:Respiração

New Additions to Psicofisiologia collection (already exist in Human Physiology collection)

  • Teste de Stroop
  • Reflexo e tempo de reação
  • Ilusão sensorial
  • Fisiologia Sensorial
  • EOG

New Additions to Neurociênca collection (already exist in the Human Physiology collection)

  • Resposta ao mergulho
  • EOG
  • Reflexo e Tempo de Reação
  • Ilusão Sensorial
  • Fisiologia Sensorial
  • Teste de Stroop 

English en-EN +


New English lesson in the Getting Started with Lt collection: Patient Case Study [Template]

German de-DE +


Updated German lessons - Human Physiology and Lt Sensors

Herz und EKG – Praktikum

  • “Proband” changed to “Proband/Probandin”
  • “PR-Segment” to “PQ-Strecke” and “PR-Intervall” to “PQ-Intervall”

Herz und periphere Durchblutung – Praktikum

  • “Proband” changed to “Proband/Probandin” 


December 31, 2021

  • Student access details  - We now show students on their dashboard when their course ends and the details of their license expiry 
  • Section availability - In the scenario where an Educator makes content available before importing  sections, we have improved the UX so new sections will inherit the existing lesson availability.
  • Student card:  Invite status updates ​​​​​
    • Send Invite button becomes Resend Invite after an invitation email has been sent to a student 
    • A timestamp is now included in the status view so educators can track at-a-glance when they sent the email
    • We have removed student status for a deleted course
  • We have added keyboard accessibility to the student lesson pages.
  • File uploads - A file can be uploaded when the camera icon is highlighted using a keyboard
  • Selecting links - Being able to select all links in the learning contents using the 'Tab' key, open pop-up and pop-over link using the 'Enter' key.
  • Batch email - Technical improvement to the performance of sending many student invitations when in Student Pays mode.
  • Spreedsheet calculations - Deeply nested spreadsheet calculations now run in time proportional to the size of the spreadsheet, rather than never finish the computation, which was overwhelming the server and impacting overall perfomance of Lt instances.

9 December 2021


Improvements +

  • Earthworm Action Potentials - Lab v1.3.4 (Animal Physiology, Neuroscience)
    • Troubleshooting information about anesthesia of the worm have been added to page 4 and the IM.
  • Airflow - Lab v1.3.6 (Human Phys)
    • Settings file updated - calibration method changed to "Normal breaths" instead of "Full expiration", to match the procedure in the lab.
    • Replaced mechanics of breathing images in background with updated images.
    • Moved subtitle popup to video caption instead of text box.
  • Skeletal Muscle Function - Lab v1.3.7 (Preclinical Medicine, Human Physiology, Neuroscience, Immersive Nursing)
    • The order of page 5 and 6 have been reversed.
    • More detailed information has been added about how to elicit a twitch response.
    • An illustration showing the correct placement of the electrode at the wrist has been added
  • Beer’s Law – Lab v1.0.1 (Chemistry) 
    • Materials list - updated ”Unknown solution” to “…solution of unknown concentration”.
    • Page 3, Step 4. Added sentence to say that instructor will prepare a solution of unknown concentration.

French (fr-FR) +

  • New Human Physiology and Lt Sensors lab
    • Électro-oculographie (EOG) – TP v.1.3.5
  • Updated Human Physiology and Lt Sensors labs:
    • Pression artérielle – TP v1.3.3
      • Setup images updated
      • Value panels added on pages 5, 11, and 16
      • Arm position corrected for reference position on page 12
      • Settings files updated with master device reselected in Lt Sensor version
    • Réflexes et temps de réaction – TP v1.3.6
      • Settings files updated with master device reselected in Lt Sensor version

German (de-DE) +

  • Reflexe und Reaktionszeiten – Praktikum v1.3.6
    • Settings files updated with master device reselected in Lt Sensor version

Portuguese (pt-BR) +

  • Pressão sanguínea – Laboratório v1.3.2
    • Settings files updated with master device reselected in Lt Sensor version
    • Arm position corrected for reference position on page 12
    • Value panels added on pages 5, 11, and 16
    • Setup images updated

Spanish (es-LA) +

  • Presión arterial – Laboratorio v1.3.3
    • Setup images updated
    • Value panels added on pages 5, 11, and 16
    • Arm position corrected for reference position on page 12
    • Settings files updated with master device reselected in Lt Sensor version

November 30, 2021

New Releases
  • Accesibility - We have added keyboard accessibility for our lessons tile on the student homepage so a student can view and select a lesson in the default view via their keyboard
  • Student communication - We have updated the copy and styling on the student grace period reminder banner.

Content Library - Ongoing iteration to optimise our content library experience
  • Updated library UI to full screen view for better readability 
  • Added filter for user's default web browser language
  • Improved searchability for collection titles
  • Updated display of special characters in lesson titles
  • Updated documentation links - Our links to the kura-api documentation in the instance admin pages are no longer broken and have been redirected to the correct pdf.
  • Spectral Analysis - The correct absorbance value is now displayed when sampling in the Spectral Analysis, Absorbance over Time, panel.
  • Deleted and archived course lists are now scrollable.
  • Fixed the 'Send Invite' button copy which was showing for students that had already signed up, which was causing confusion for educators.
  • Graders - Fix for where example data wasn't showing in the student view for graders.

19 November 2021


New German lessons +

  • New Community Translated Immersive Nursing Module: 
  • Barry West – Schlaganfall v1.3.8 added to Pfelge - Patientenfallstudien course

New and updated French lessons +

  • Bruits du cœur – TP v1.3.4 added to Human Physiology and Lt Sensors collections
  • Respiration – TP v1.3.3 (Lt Sensors)
    • Updated settings file for pages 7-10 setting the Finger Pulse Sensor as the master device.
    • Updated French (fr-FR) Animal Physiology and Neuroscience lab
  • Potentiels d’action du ver de terre – TP v1.3.3
    • Extracellular recording and Differential amplifier sections have been rewritten on the background page and 6 new popups added.
    • Captions rewritten in the minipages on page 10. 

Human Physiology Updates +

  • Reflexes and Reaction Times - Lab v.1.3.7(Human Phys) and v1.3.8 (Lt Sensors)
    • p20 Updated feedback and added a new question to reflect auditory reactions aren't always faster than visual reactions.
  • Spinal Reflexes – Lab v1.3.8 (Lt Sensors and Human Phys)
    • p1 Corrected intro text that mentioned brain structures (they are not covered in the lab)
    • p4 New video poster image
  • Electrooculography – Lab v1.3.4 and PLP v1.3.3 (Lt Sensors Human Phys)
    • Updated eye images in the pre-lab prep (background and intro page).
    • Updated eye images in the lab (background and challenge page).
    • Changed "ngstagmus" to "nystagmus" in keywords. 
  • Kidney and Urine – Lab v1.3.4 (Human Phys, Lt Sensors Human Phys, Immersive Nursing, Preclinical Medicine)
    • IM: Recipe has been added to make artificial urine.
  • EEG - Lab (Human Phys, Lt Sensors Human Phys)
    • On page 11: Auditory stimulus - analysis, changed the graph titles and y-axis labels to match the green box - to be % of "no music" values, rather than % *change* of "no music" values.

Getting Started with Lt Updates +

  • The name of the "Getting Started with Lt - Administrators" module has been changed to “Getting Started with Lt - Educators”

Anatomy Updates +

  • Brain Dissection - Lab v1.2 
    • Removed references to non-existent videos at the top of p.5-8.
    • Added more function info to tables on p.5-8 to help students remember, and also to help with the function DnD questions on p.5-7. Added question feedback on p.5-7 to the function DnD questions saying to check the tables for help.


November 1 2021


Updated lesson: 

Unstimulated Ileum - Lab

  • Updated example data comments to say "acetylcholine" instead of "carbachol". Removed note about carbachol on pages: Acetylcholine - activity; Mystery drugs - activity. Removed note about carbachol example data from the IM.

  • Removed "mystery antagonists" comment from example data.

  • Added popup "How to use example data" and linked to it on Transducer setup page and Acetylcholine activity page.


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