Lt Releases

We're continuously improving features and performance, fixing bugs, and releasing updated content to Lt. Here are our latest releases.

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Leith - 16th March 2015

Leith was a "hotfix" release to make improvements to the grading feature.


Silver – 23rd February 2015

Silver is a release which addresses a number of customer requests. Features will include:

  • Deputy Course Administrators Role
  • External marking: export student answers as CSV (e.g. for Excel)
  • Module option to require lessons be completed in order
  • Improved image performance


Avon – 26th January 2015

Avon is a minor release, which improves load time and performance of popups.​


Kawarau – 19th December 2014

Kawarau was a hotfix to make further improvements to performance on low-memory devices.​


Shotover – 16th December 2014

Shotover was a planned “hotfix” update, enhancing performance and usability with large lessons on mobile devices and iPads.


Aoraki – 27th November 2014

kuraCloud Aoraki introduces a range of new features including:

  • Grading - We've added a fantastic integrated grading (marking) system into kuraCloud - all question panels now support grading, as well as "instant feedback" (formative assessment) options for students. Many panel types, like multiple choice and label image questions can be graded by kuraCloud automatically – a great time saver for you and your fellow academic staff! Learn more about grading here.
  • Sampling - sampling is now available to our ADInstruments customers who have a PowerLab. This allows recording of physiological signals for life science education.
  • The Button panel - The Button panel allows you to create an image which displays a popup when clicked.

These features are just the first step in very important areas and will be enhanced in coming releases.