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We're continuously improving features and performance, fixing bugs, and releasing updated content to Lt. Here are our latest releases.

Show releases for:

October 31, 2021

  • UX update - Invites accepted state display has been moved from the dashboard area to the student account row.
  • Readability - fixes to cards for readability on mobile and small screens.
  •  Improved error messaging in the LTI integration.
  •  You will now see one of our more helpful error messages. 
  • Added a new error message if the LMS isn't providing the students or educators email address.
  • kuraCloud Desktop no longer crashes when attempting to sample after the Vernier SpectroVis has been disconnected.
  • Sections - Fixed an issue where switching to sections in student view wasn't showing the correct content to administrators.
  • Analytics dashboard - Fixed an issue where the analytics dashboard progress bar wasn't showing the students progress state.
  • Course Card - Fixed an issue where the course card wasn't displaying the student invites accepted count correctly.

19 October 2021


Patient Resource packs (Entire Collection)

  • Replaced brand names of drugs with generic names.
  • Added notes regarding medical profession terminology.
  • Added condition name to lesson title so the lessons are easier to search.

French lessons +

New lessons:

  • Système nerveux autonome – TP v1.3.6 (PowerLab and Lt Sensors versions)
  • Effets cardiovasculaires de l’exercice physique – TP v1.3.4 (Lt Sensors)

Updated lessons:

  • Types de panneau et applications Lt v1.3.5
    • Added information about Hotspot panel and Spectral Analysis panel
  • Muscle et EMG – TP v1.3.3 (Lt Sensors)
    • Updated settings files
  • Réflexes et temps de réaction – TP v1.3.5 (Lt Sensors)
    • Updated settings files

German lessons +

Updated lessons:

  • Muskel und EMG – Praktikum v1.3.3 (Lt Sensors)
    • Updated settings files
  • Reflexe und Reaktionszeiten – Praktikum v1.3.5 (Lt Sensors)
    • Updated settings files

September 30, 2021


New Releases

  • The data panel settings dialog now persists for the users applied search filter
  • There is now a help link for the spectrovis panel. It goes here:



  • Analytics button placement has been moved to next to the Content Library button
  • Updated the style of the create course button to be more obvious


  • The title for the spectral analysis panel now appears in the analytics dashboard
  • Fixed an issue in LTI integration when using Canvas' Link Selection Placement
  • Fix import content progress indicator after moving analytics button


  • KCDA v1.10.2 - a new SSL certificate valid for the next year is available. The SSL certificate is used to secure the communications between Lt and KCDA. KCDA v1.10.0 and earlier have a certificate which expires 2021-10-22, at which point the older versions of KCDA will stop working with Lt. Customers performing manual updates of KCDA will need to update by 2021-10-22. Then automatic KCDA updates will happen when the computer is rebooted, or overnight

The in-person versions of the 19 Chemistry labs are available! 


The Chemistry Collection was developed in partnership with Vernier and originally consisted of 19 Distance Learning labs, designed and released during the pandemic. We are now completing the collection by adding a further 19 labs, which address the same topics but are designed for in-lab use. The labs in the collection address fundamental introductory General Chemistry topics, and the majority (17/19) use Vernier's Go Direct sensors to collect data in Lt. All of the labs have some form of example data to enable flexible teaching.

View the full list of Chem labs +

Acid–Base Titration – Lab v1.0
Beers Law – Lab v1.0
Boyles Law and Charles Law – Lab v1.0
Conductimetric Titration and Gravimetric Determination of a Precipitate – Lab v1.0
Determining a Chemical Formula – Lab v1.0
Determining an Equilibrium Constant – Lab v1.0
Determining the Ksp of Calcium Hydroxide – Lab v1.0
Dissociation Constants – Lab v1.0
Electrochemistry: Voltaic Cells – Lab v1.0
Evaporation and Intermolecular Attractions – Lab v1.0
Identifying an Unknown Diprotic Acid – Lab v1.0
Liquid Chromatography – Lab v1.0
Measuring and Predicting Heats of Reaction – Lab v1.0
Molar Volume of a Gas – Lab v1.0
Properties of Solutions: Electrolytes and Nonelectrolytes – Lab v1.0
Rate Law Determination – Lab v1.0
Standardizing a Solution – Lab v1.0
Synthesis and Analysis of Aspirin – Lab v1.0
Temperature and State Changes – Lab v1.0

September 17th 2021



Vet Science Preview collection removed

  • The trial period is over.

New Lessons:


  • 眼電図(EOG) – 実習 v1.3.4

  • カエルの心臓 – 実習 v1.3.5

  • 筋肉と筋電図 – 実習 v1.3.4 (Ltセンサー)

  • 錯覚 – 実習 v1.3.2

  • 視覚誘発電位(VEP) – 実習 v1.2.7

Clinical Skills

  • Indwelling Catheter v1.0

  • Intravenous (IV) Fluid Infusion v1.0

  • Nasogastric Intubation v1.0

Updated lessons:

Japanese +

  • Updated formatting

  • Video updated with separate subtitles, new cover image, and popup for first video

  • Update settings files and formatting of settings files in the Instructor’s Material

  • New instructions about example data added to the Instructor’s Material

  • プレ実習の準備 v1.3.3

    • Introductory paragraph updated

    • Translations updated on annotate image on page 2

    • New feedback added to multi-choice question on page 3

  • 実習 v1.3.3

    • Instructions on Analysis page rewritten and 3 new popups added

  • 血圧 – 実習 v1.3.4

    • Value panels added to pages 5, 9, 11, 14, 16

    • Stethoscope image updated in popup on page 2

    • Added popup for fourth intercostal space on page 13 step 9

    • Blood vessels images updated in first popup on background page

    • Moved image labels to caption for laminar flow and turbulent flow images on background page

  • 運動の心血管に対する効果 – 実習 v1.3.3

    • “TP interval” changed to “TP segment” on page 7 and background page

  • 脳波 (EEG) – 実習 v1.3.3

    • Minor corrections to page 3

    • Information about EEG flat electrode added to Instructor's Material

  • 心臓と末梢循環 – 実習 v1.3.4

    • Question panel image updated on page 2

    • Sites of palpation image updated on page 5 and in popup

    • Veins in neck image updated on page 13

    • Blood vessels images updated on background page, and capillary types image in popup on minipage 4

  • 心音 – 実習 v1.3.3

    • Question panel images updated on page 2 and 7

    • Table 2 on page 11 was aliased, now linked by equations

    • Updated Stethoscope popup

    • Heart valve image updated on background page

    • Cardiac cycle image updated

  • 筋肉と筋電図 – 実習 v1.3.4 (Lt)

    • Time value panels added to pages 7-10 and 12

    • Setup images updated on page 3 and background page

  • ストループテスト – 実習 v1.2.7

    • Brain areas image updated on background page

Biology +

  • Biological Membranes – Lab v1.2.1

    • Updated wording of "Transmittance" pop up to include mention of reflectance.

    • Enter values video updated.

  • Diffusion through Membranes – Lab v1.1.1

    • Added conductivity probe calibration page.

    • Materials & setup, IM: Updated number of beakers in materials list (from 2 to 3).

    • Clean up page: Updated solution disposal step to include conductivity standard solutions.

  • Enzyme Action: Testing Catalase Activity – Lab v1.1.2

    • Corrected small typo in Extension "Materials" popup.

  • Limitations on Cell Size – Lab v1.1.1

    • Added conductivity probe calibration page.

    • Materials & setup, IM: Updated number of beakers in materials list (from 2 to 3).

    • Clean up page: Added step to dispose of conductivity standard solutions and wash/dry glassware.

  • Mitosis and Meiosis – Distance Learning Lab v1.1.1

    • Corrected incorrect numbering of image captions.

  • Mitosis and Meiosis – Lab v1.1.1

    • Replaced microscope image on Materials page and in "Microscope: Glasses" pop up. 

    • Corrected incorrect numbering of figure captions.

    • Updated "Microscope: Set up" pop up text. 

    • Updated copyright to "Microscope: Parts" image.

  • Photosynthesis – Lab v1.2.1

    • Updated procedure so students choose their own wavelength.

    • Enter values video updated.

  • Population Dynamics – Lab v1.2.1

    • Updated procedure so students choose their own wavelength.

    • Enter values video updated.

  • Turnip Peroxidase – Lab v1.2.1

    • Enter values video updated.

Chemistry +

  • Acid-Base Titration – DLL v1.0.2

    • Updated HCl and NH3 equation image on Review and Integration page to include states in brackets.

    • Removed reference to buffer questions in IM (referring to the Review and Integration page) because there are no buffer questions on this page.

    • Updated 5th R&I question to include feedback on the pH at equilibrium of a reaction between a weak acid and a weak base.

    • Updated buffer hazard warning.

  • Beer’s Law – DLL v1.0.2

    • Updated method for how the molar extinction coefficient is calculated.

    • Enter values video updated.

  • Boyles Law and Charles Law – DLL v1.0.2

    • Removed apostrophes from lesson title.

  • Conductimetric Titration and Gravimetric Determination of a Precipitate – DLL v1.0.2

    • Small edit to format of question feedback (no changes to content).

  • Determining an Equilibrium Constant – DLL v1.0.2

    • Enter values video updated.

  • Determining the Ksp of Calcium Hydroxide – DLL v1.0.2

    • Updated hazard warnings, example data, accepted Ksp value, and answer feedback.

  • Dissociation Constants – DLL v1.0.2

    • Added illustration to help explain affinity chromatography in 'chromatography column' pop-up.

    • Updated buffer hazard warnings.

  • Identifying an Unknown Diprotic Acid – DLL v1.0.2

    • Updated buffer hazard warning.

  • Rate Law Determination – DLL v1.0.2

    • Enter values video updated.

  • Standardizing a Solution – DLL v1.0.2

    • Updated example data.

    • Updated buffer hazard warning.

  • Synthesis and Analysis of Aspirin – DLL v1.0.3

    • Enter values video updated.

Human Physiology, Preclinical Medicine, and Immersive Nursing +

  • Mike Miller – Case Study v1.2.7

    • Updated ECG label image on page 5

  • Mike Miller – Evaluation v1.2.7

    • Updated ECG label image on page 3

  • Lung Volumes – Lab v1.3.11

    • Updated images to newer style

    • Added predictive values for dynamic lung function tests

August 31, 2021


New Releases

  • Learn Tools Interoperability (LTI V.1.3) integration is now live for all customers
  • LTI now shows how many students have not connected their accounts when syncing grades.

Spectral Analysis

  • New panel now live. All authors can now add SpectroVis panels to their lessons and use content from the content library with SpectroVis panels
  • Display the live value of time and absorbance while sampling in the Spectral Analysis AoT panel
  • Students can skip lamp warm up time after 10 seconds
  • The settings dialog now persists the users applied search filter


  • Moved the location of the student feedback button to sit to the left of the Check Answer button



  • The Course Builder role is now recognized as staff
  • Inviting a second student directly after inviting a student no longer shows an Access Denied dialog
  • Archived courses are no longer shown in the LTI integration deeplink dialog
  • Students clicking the LTI link to unavailable content are no longer logged out
  • If a lesson or module lesson isn't available, the student is redirected to the course homepage
  • If a student isn't licensed, the student is redirected to the licensing page
  • If the instance is a trial instance and the trial has expired, the student is redirected to the trial expired page
  • If the lesson is a module lesson that hasn't been unlocked, the student is redirected to the module homepage
  • When adding a new LTI link to a Blackboard or Moodle course, the assignment/activity and grading column now use the unicode name of the lesson (rather than discarding the non-ASCII characters)

Spectral Analysis

  • While a spectral analysis panel is sampling, disable the ability to set wavelength or recalibrate in any other spectral analysis panels on the same page
  • Update also made to the 'Sampling Equipment is busy' notice to give students feedback on why the aforementioned buttons cannot be clicked
  • Fix issues with fullscreen Spectral Analysis panel in popups
  • Hide selection tools for example data in authoring mode of Spectral Analysis panel
  • Selection handles in the SpectroVis AoT panel no longer briefly display in an incorrect position on reload
  •  The spectral analysis panel "Data Settings" button no longer incorrectly appears in the grading view
  • The title for the spectral analysis panel now appears in the analytics dashboard
  • The spectral analysis panel "Data Settings" button no longer incorrectly appears in the grading view

Annotation Panel

  • Portrait-oriented images can now be uploaded to the image annotation panel in the correct orientation


August 27th 2021


New content:

Lt Biology +

  • Ecology and Biodiversity
  • Introduction to Cells
  • Introduction to Microscopy
  • Osmosis

Community Translated Patient Resource packs in Portuguese (pt-BR) +

  • Alfred Ashmore - Doença Renal Policística
  • Angela Williams - Anemia ferropriva
  • Barry West - AVC
  • Ben Wolfe - Diabetes Tipo 2
  • Betty Flannery - Insuficiência Ventricular Esquerda
  • Carol Campbell - Diabetes Tipo 1
  • Charlie Park - Doença arterial coronariana
  • Chris Rawlins - Diabetes mellitus Tipo 1
  • David Marks - Infarto silencioso do miocárdio
  • Emma Smith - Granulomatose com poliangiite
  • Frank Foster - Distrofia muscular de Becker
  • Gwen Simms - Osteoartrose do quadril
  • Harry Barker - G6PD
  • James Hinton - Estenose aórtica
  • James Lester - Angina pectoris
  • Jenny Lincoln - Gestação e Parto
  • Joe Hunter - Hepatite C e Cirrose hepática
  • John Wise - Fibrilação Atrial
  • Liam McFadden - Febre
  • Mary Montgomery - DPOC
  • Max Chaves - Fibrose Pulmonar
  • Mike Miller - Infarto agudo do miocárdio
  • Nick Blair - Síndrome de Guillain-Barré
  • Penny Parker - Doença de von Willebrand
  • Pete Winslow - Neuropatia Periférica
  • Rachel Pearson - Miastenia grave
  • Sam Dixon - Doença vascular periférica
  • Sarah King - Incontinência Urinária de Estresse
  • Thomas Alexander - Insuficiência Aórtica
  • Tim Scott - Infarto do Miocárdio (IM)
  • Zac Thayer - Asma


Human Physiology +

Action Potentials tutorial v1.3.2 (Human Phys, PCM, Neuroscience)

  • Page 2: hierarchy diagram - changed "nuerons" to "nerves" and added "nerves" to lower labels.
  • Page 5, minipage 2: "Note that the peak of the action potential only reaches about +50 mV. " Corrected to +30 mV. 
  • Page 5, moved the marker for "3" on the first graph to the peak.
  • Updated 'components of myelinated axon' image to fix ambiguity as to where the correct answer goes.


Endocrine Physiology - Lab (Human Phys)

  • Added to the LabStation Human Physiology content pack


August 12th 2021


New Content

New German Immersive Nursing modules +

  • Mike Miller – Myokardinfarkt v1.2.5
  • Mary Montgomery – COPD v1.2.6

Biology - New Spectral Analysis panel included +

  • Biological Membranes – Lab v1.2
  • Photosynthesis – Lab v1.2
  • Population Dynamics – Lab v1.2
  • The Visible Spectra of Plant Pigments – Lab v1.2
  • Turnip Peroxidase – Lab v1.2


Human Physiology and Exercise Physiology +

  • Cardiovascular Effects of Exercise - Lab v. 1.3.6
    • Updated value panel on page 6

Animal Physiology +

Updated videos to modern style (soft coded subtitles, updated cover image) for the following labs:

  • Frog Heart - Lab v1.3.5
  • Frog Neuromuscular Junction - Lab v1.3.6
  • Animal Metabolism - Lab v1.3.2
  • Intracellular Action Potentials  - Lab v1.3.3
  • Earthworm Smooth Muscle - Lab v1.3.3

Anatomy +

Several errors in questions were corrected in the following labs:

  • Respiratory System Model - Lab v1.2.1
  • Circulatory System Model -Lab v1.1.2
  • Integumentary Histology - Lab v1.1.1
  • Urinary System Model - Lab v1.1.1
  • Special Senses Model - Lab v1.1.1
  • Endocrine Histology - Lab v1.1.1
  • Reproductive System Model - Lab v1.1.1

Pharmacology +

Airways Resistance Lab (v1.3.4) and PLP (v1.3.3)

  • New images for Goblet cell, Control of bronchial smooth muscle tone, and Astham on background page
  • Updated Lung Structure image on background page
  • Updated videos to modern style (soft coded subtitles, updated cover image)

Updated videos to modern style (soft coded subtitles, updated cover image) for the following labs:

  • Chick Biventer - Lab v1.3.4
  • Mammalian Atria - Lab v1.3.4
  • Mammalian Diaphragm - Lab v1.3.4
  • Mammalian Heart - Lab v1.3.4
  • Mammalian Jejunum - Lab v1.3.5
  • Mammalian Uterus - lab v1.3.4
  • Stimulated Ileum - Lab v1.3.4
  • Stimulated Rat Vas Deferens - Lab v1.3.4
  • Toad Rectus Abdominis - Lab v1.3.4
  • Unstimulated Ileum - Lab v1.3.6
  • Unstimulated Rat Vas Deferens - Lab v1.3.3
  • Vascular Smooth Muscle - Lab v1.3.4



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