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Invercargill – 26th February 2018

kuraCloud Invercargill is a major release with a number of improvements and bug fixes.

The big stuff

  • Copy an entire course! You can now easily duplicate a course, along with all the lessons and staff, making semester rollover super efficient. Need a tutorial?
  • The improved Scope Panel makes it much simpler for students to focus on scientific analysis. Students can now hide, delete or view traces individually (“solo”). Need a tutorial?

The smaller stuff

  • Format the text in your summary pop-ups just like any other text panel.
  • For our European friends, we’ve added the purple colour of academia to your Instance theme colours - check it out under “eggplant”.
  • If you have pop-ups linking to other pop-ups, students can use the new “back” button to navigate backwards, just like regular pages.
  • In the Background Page, we added a new “return to lesson” button to make navigation easier for students.
  • Improved layout of the buttons on the Data Sampling Panel.
  • Improved the Annotation Panel question icon to be more internationally recognisable.
  • Fixed a bug where linked pop ups were not detected as referenced in the lesson.

The technical stuff

  • Various bug fixes.


Hokitika – 18th December 2017

kuraCloud Hokitika is a major release with a number of improvements and bug fixes.

The big stuff

  • Manage availability of lessons. Set a time and date to make a lesson available to students, and when to commit it, by course and now by section too. Need a tutorial?
  • Manage sections. Filter students by section, move students between sections, rename, add and delete sections, make your lessons available by section. Need a tutorial?
  • Beautiful new student progress dashboard for course administrators. Quick, at-a-glance data of your class. See progress by lesson, student or section, see lessons with grades released, and invitations accepted. Need a tutorial?

The smaller stuff

  • Filter students by lesson progress, then export the list of emails, so you can identify and better support at-risk students. Need a tutorial?
  • Quickly find students who haven’t activated their invitation and email them.
  • Grant an extension to a student who has not started the lesson but has been committed.

The technical stuff

  • The API has been shifted to a more robust and scalable infrastructure.


Gibbston – 16th October 2017

kuraCloud Gibbston is a minor release with a number of improvements and bug fixes.

  • Moodle integration! To watch a video about how this works, click here!
  • Students can now see the question when annotating an image in the Annotation Panel
  • Student report pages now display better on mobile devices.
  • Improved reconnection if you are unexpectedly disconnected.
  • To avoid confusion, the Reset Student Progress button is now disabled until at least one student has started the lesson.
  • View Student Work feature will now correctly display the student email on the student report page.
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements.


Frankton – 18th September 2017

kuraCloud Frankton is a minor release with a number of improvements and bug fixes.

  • Image Panels can be made as small as buttons for greater customisation.
  • Moved the “Clear Answer” button so it’s harder to accidentally click.
  • “What’s New” now links directly to this page so all the update information is in one place.
  • Improved the loading speed for your Instance.
  • You can now export model answers, even if no student has started the lesson.
  • You can now filter student accounts by section.
  • A few other minor improvements and bug fixes.


Eastbourne – 21st August 2017

kuraCloud Eastbourne is a minor release with a number of improvements and bug fixes

  • Course Admins and Graders can now view a student's lesson, including the ability to export the student's PDF report. This feature is accessed by selecting a student the Student Work card
  • Authors can now copy and paste entire lesson pages and popups, including in between different kuraCloud lessons
  • Improved authoring behaviour when inserting popups into lesson content
  • Improved table question model answers updating of read only cells when edits are made to the original question
  • Added additional filters to the Manage Student Progress card. Including ‘Students who have not started’ and ‘Filter by section’
  • Added support documentation link to the API Access card
  • Added the ability for Authors to see which popups are used/unused in a lesson
  • Added Spanish as a new option for translated emails
  • Fixed issue where un-deletable whitespace was sometimes added at the top of a Text Panel
  • The Export Student Answers .csv file now contains a row that displays the correct answer and grading instructions for each question
  • Improved kuraCloud Blackboard Integration
  • Various other bug fixes and improvements


Darfield – 24th July 2017

Gathering Analytics: We are excited to announce that we've completed the first phase of expanding kuraCloud's analytic capabilities! In kuraCloud Darfield, starting from the 24th July 2017, we will begin to track user actions, to store as a data set for future analysis. Over time, this data will provide a powerful cache of information, helping you to create courses that are as effective and engaging for your students as possible. It also means that we can give you an even better user experience, based on your real needs.


Cambridge – 12th June 2017

kuraCloud Cambridge is a minor release with a number of improvements and bug fixes:

  • Course Administrators will now have the ability to set a staff member that students can contact. Students will find the contact button in their user dropdown menu
  • Students will now see a warning on the checkpoint and completion pages letting them know that there are unanswered questions
  • We've improved our search filter! The filter will now search for words, regardless of accented characters
  • Modules on the student homepage now display a tick when all lessons inside have been completed
  • Labels on bar graphs have been improved
  • Improved the visibility of popups and links in panels when superscript or subscript is used

Broad Bay

Broad Bay – 3rd April 2017

kuraCloud Broad Bay is a minor release with a number of improvements:

  • Selected annotation tool now stays active until another tool is selected
  • Committed lessons now show a tick symbol on the student home page
  • Ability to drag and drop Value Panel values directly into the Units Calibration Panel
  • Two new filters are available in the Manage Student Progress card


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