Arterial Blood Pressure Monitoring in Rodents. (Webinar: Dr Behjat Seifi)

Arterial Blood Pressure Monitoring in Rodents. (Webinar: Dr Behjat Seifi)

  • 2 Mar 21

In this webinar Dr Behjat Seifi discusses non-invasive and invasive methods for recording blood pressure in rats and provides a practical demonstration via recorded video. Our Iranian distributor Mr Ramin Krashif from Eqlim Danesh Co. Ltd then takes you through a LabChart demonstration of the blood pressure module.

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Noninvasive method: Tail cuff technique
  • Invasive method: Intra-arterial catheters
  • An introduction to LabChart
  • An introduction to LabChart blood pressure module

Additional resources:

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About the speaker:

Dr Behjat Seifi BP in Rodents webinar ADI

Dr. Behjat Seifi
Professor, Dept. of Physiology Medicine School
Tehran University of Medical Science
Dr. Seifi is a professor of physiology teaching fundamental concepts and serving as a research mentor and advisor to graduate and undergraduate students at the Tehran University of Medical Science. Her research interests are renal physiology, reproductive physiology and integrated physiology to investigate cross-talk among body organs in physiological and pathological conditions.

LabChart Blood Pressure Module

LabChart - Blood Pressure Module

The Blood Pressure Module for LabChart acts as a blood pressure graphing, monitoring & tracking software, automatically reporting cardiovascular parameters from arterial or ventricular pressure signals. Contact us for more information.