Lt Integration with Moodle: Linking Lessons and Syncing Students and Grades

Lt Integration with Moodle: Linking Lessons and Syncing Students and Grades

  • 13 Jan 22

By integrating Lt with Moodle, you’ll provide students with a more seamless experience, as they are directed straight to the Lt lesson of interest. Integration also makes managing student accounts and grades easier, as it reduces reliance on .csv files. 

Note: Before you can complete the steps in the video, you’ll need your IT team to integrate Blackboard and Lt through the learning tool interoperability (LTI) standard. See here for more details.

Adding Content to Your Course

1. In the course that you want to add content to, select Turn editing on

2. In the Topic section you want to add the content to select + Add an activity or resource

3. Select External tool from the options that appear

4. Choose the LTI tool from the list for Preconfigured tool

Note: When you first open the Lt tool you will be asked to login with your Lt account. This will link your LMS and Lt accounts to determine what content is visible to you and what permissions you have. If you don’t yet have an Lt account, talk to an Instance Administrator for your Lt instance or your ADInstruments representative.

5. Select Select Content

6. Select the [Lt course name] to see a dropdown menu of all Lt courses you have access to

7. Select the Lt lesson(s) you wish to link to from within the selected Lt course

Note: Only those lessons that have been published in the Lt course will appear

8. Select Link Selected Content

9. Select Save and return to course

Syncing Students and Grades

Permissions and one-off authentication

The permissions your LMS and Lt accounts have will determine if you can access the Lt integration tool to sync students and grades. See the appendix for more details. Your Lt and LMS permissions are checked each time you attempt to sync students or grades. The first time you select Lt content to access the Lt integration tool, you will be prompted to sign in to your Lt account. Doing so will link your LMS and Lt accounts. The same applies to students when selecting a link to Lt content, though in their case they will be directed to the Lt lesson after their Lt and LMS accounts are linked. Thankfully, this is a one-off action for both staff and students and does not need to be repeated each time a link to Lt content is selected.

Syncing Students

Note: Keep in mind that the student list for your LMS course can be synced with multiple Lt courses. It’s important to check that the linked Lt lesson you use to sync students is contained within the Lt course you wish your students to be synced to. The Lt course is displayed in the LTI tool after Connect to, e.g. the Lt course CSM101 is displayed as Connected to CSM101.

1. Select the link in your LMS course to the Lt lesson students are to access

2. Select Sync Students

3. Read and confirm that the changes presented in the Sync Students modal reflect what you wish to occur.

a.If the changes are as intended, select Sync Accounts Now

b.If the changes are not as intended, select Cancel and take action as necessary

Once Sync Accounts Now has been selected, students will be sent an email invite to the Lt course the linked Lt lesson is within. 

  • If this is the first time a student has been invited to Lt, they must accept their email invite and follow the steps to create an Lt account. After doing so, they can then successfully follow the link from the LMS course to the linked Lt lesson.
  • If a student already has an Lt account, they can ignore the invitation email. They will be able to successfully follow links to any Lt lesson from within their LMS course, so long as they are enrolled in the Lt course that contains the linked lesson.

Syncing Grades

1. Select a link in your LMS course to the Lt lesson that contains the grades you wish to sync to your LMS gradebook.

2. Select Sync next to the Lt lesson in the Sync Grades section. 

Any student who has linked their Lt and LMS accounts, and has a grade for an Lt lesson, will have that grade entered into the LMS gradebook. If no grade currently exists for that Lt lesson, a blank line in the LMS gradebook will still be added. This can be updated by syncing grades once the grade exists.

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