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  • Radnoti

    A merger of expertise, technology, and purpose.

    Radnoti is now an ADInstruments brand.

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  • Not every hero wears a cape ...

    Introducing our Science Heroes eBook

    Seven inspiring stories of researchers making a difference

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    Not every hero wears a cape ...

    Introducing our Science Heroes eBook

    Seven inspiring stories of researchers making a difference

    Share your favorite science hero and download now

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    PowerLab C


    Re-engineered for unparalleled flexibility 

    A modular data acquisition foundation system that provides unparalleled flexibility for researchers looking to invest in customizable, reliable solutions for both now, and in the future.

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  • Lt

    Understand Your Physiology

    The perfect learning supplement for every physiology student

    With 160+ ready-made lessons and 3900+ interactive questions

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  • ECG data acquisition software

    Data acquisition and analysis re-imagined.

    Make unique discoveries with unlimited freedom and flexibility.

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    Bio-potential amplifiers

    Introducing our new Bio Amps

    Our bio-potential amplifiers have a range of new filter settings and reduced noise, ideal for recording a wide variety of signals including ECG/EKG, EMG, EOG, and EEG.

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We believe in making the best data acquisition and analysis software and hardware to advance scientific research and education.

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DAQ SoftwareSolutions for Research 


Record and analyze scientific signals from human and animal subjects with our range of data acquisition and analysis software and hardware , or complete DAQ systems for specific applications.

Complete Systems and Kits


LabChart 8 and LabChart Lightning are our industry-leading DAQ software for physiological, biological and biomedical research.


PowerLab is our high-performance data acquisition hardware.

EducationSolutions for Education 


Engage students with our dynamic, hands-on life science software and hardware. Deliver cutting-edge educational content and data analysis software to your learners - whether in class or online.

Education Hardware Kits


Cloud-based learning platform that brings interactive life science content, real-time data recording, and analysis together. Try Lt » 

Lab-based learning platform that brings interactive life science content, real-time data recording, and analysis together in an offline lab environment. Try Lt LabStation » 

Recent Insights and Industry Developments

2023-Kaha telemeter Guide Blog

Download our free guide: Kaha Telemetry for Neurophysiology

Discover the benefits of wireless telemetry. Not sure where to start? Need help selecting the right telemeter? Download our free guide: Kaha Telemetry for Neurophysiology.
A blog list image that says "Principles of Mind, Brain, and Education Science" with an image of a brain and the Lt logo on a black background.

Talking Teaching: Key principles from Mind, Brain, and Education Science

Boost your teaching with evidence-based tips from this field, informed by principles from psychology, neuroscience, and educational pedagogy.
A photograph of a laptop on a table in a physiology lab environment. The software platform Lt is shown on screen, with example physiological data in the data sampling panel. A person's hands are resting in the foreground in front of the laptop, connected to a pulse transducer and a biopotential sensor (via electrodes).

Using edtech to bridge first-year student knowledge gaps at the University of Champollion

We speak with Dr Arnaud Billet of the University of Champollion, who shares his observations on the changing nature of life science classrooms and how education technology can help lecturers improve student experiences.
This blog list image shows the logo of the East African Society of Physiological Sciences. The logo is circular, with the name of the society around the outside, and shows an image of Africa, a person, and an ECG trace.

Honoring Tony Macknight's legacy by supporting physiology education in Africa

ADInstruments is proud to support the East African Society of Physiological Sciences as they host their 1st EASPS and Special AAPS conference this year in Tanzania.
A blog list image that says "Supporting excellence in biology teaching" and "ADInstruments adn ACUBE". Below the text are the ACUBE and Lt logos, and a handshake graphic.

Supporting excellence in biology teaching: ADInstruments and ACUBE

ADInstruments is proud to support the Association of College and University Biology Educators (ACUBE). Learn more about our strategic alliance and how we are supporting excellence in biology teaching, including an annual award for education.
Ilaria Pozzato

Managing complex data collection with Ilaria Pozzato

Dr Ilaria Pozzato looks at health holistically. “ My research was really influenced by my past life as a clinician, ” she says “ I’ve always been fascinated by how people with similar injuries can have very different outcomes, and particularly how differences in people's physiology, and their...
A photograph of a microscope with the Lt logo overlaid in the top left corner and the text "5 tips for teaching histology" at the bottom of the image.

5 tips for teaching histology

Students can find histology, the study of microscopic structures, quite challenging. Identifying a structure in a clearly laid-out illustration is one thing, but spotting that structure in a mass of gray and pink shapes in a fixed slide can be quite another. Help your students learn about microscopic structures with these tips.
2023-UK Submit Your Research Article Winner 670x560.png

Research Article Competition Winner - Professor Richard Ribchester

ADInstruments Europe is pleased to announce Emeritus Professor Richard Ribchester from the University of Edinburgh as the winner of the 2023 ‘Send Us Your Research Article’ competition.

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Industry-Leading Data Acquisition Software

Data Acquisition Software - PowerLab C and LabChart Lightning

For 34 years, ADInstruments’ line of DAQ products has provided customers with a fully integrated data acquisition system for real-time, high-speed analysis of both digital and analog data sources. LabChart 8 seamlessly interfaces with PowerLab to provide you with the most advanced data logging and analysis software for physiological, biological, and biomedical research. A suite of modules enables specialized data acquisition and analysis features for a variety of specific applications, providing you with the breadth and depth necessary to power your data analysis.

And now, the all-new LabChart Lightning provides you with ultimate flexibility, automation and customization. With unlimited channels, cross-recording analysis, built-in data management and seamless DAQ hardware integration, LabChart Lightning is a powerful software package for both qualitative and quantitative data collection and analysis.

Traditional DAQ systems have been integrated to deliver a software suite which provides you with seamless transmission of data, reducing the need for hardware-based control systems, data loggers, and analyzers. Our export functions have also been optimized to promote easy integration with both Microsoft Excel and MATLAB. LabChart 8 and LabChart Lightning are available on Macintosh and Windows operating systems.