Take control of data acquisition and analysis.

LabChart software is specifically designed for working with life science data. Simple to use and suitable for a broad range of signal types, LabChart's broad set of features makes it easy and fast to record, display and parameterize data.

thumbsup Simple To Use

LabChart lets you do the basics with a minimum of fuss; advanced features stay out of the way until the moment you need them.

lightning Feature Rich

LabChart's range of sophisticated Add-Ons are purpose-built for signals specific to life science, e.g. cardiovascular, respiratory, blood pressure, neuronal and dose response data.

user Customize Your Workflow

Make LabChart work the way you want. Use scripting, custom arithmetic, automation, and import/export data in various formats for use in other applications.

New in LabChart 8

Data Plots

Plots allow you to do more right within LabChart while you record. Visualize analysis easily with four different plot types and curve fits.

Send and Publish

Easily share your data with students and colleagues using the Send and Publish feature, and LabChart Online.

HRV 2.0

The comprehensive suite of analysis views include the Tachogram, RR and Delta RR Interval histograms, Poincare, and Power Spectrum Windows.

Student Licenses

Get professional, research grade software for next to nothing.


Designed for quick and easy use, for full control of your data

  • Preconfigured settings files for one-touch recordings
  • Smart detection of all ADInstruments peripheral devices
  • Welcome Center for single-click access to all your files, support, and new software features
  • Manual or event-driven sampling
  • Signal specific analysis tools
  • Fully customizable stimulator control
  • Full layout control – only display what you need to display
  • Easily modify signal detection algorithms
  • Set up hot-key macros for automating repetitive tasks
  • Scripting environment for custom signal analysis

Send and Publish your data

  • Upload your data files to our cloud-based storage and share a link with your peers
  • Embed interactive data files in your website or blog
  • Store 1 GB of data files for free

Compare editions

Main Features LabChart Pro LabChart LabChart Pro Student License LabChart Reader (Free!)
Analyze checkmark checkmark checkmark checkmark
Graph & export checkmark checkmark checkmark checkmark
Record data checkmark checkmark - -
Complete set of LabChart Modules checkmark - checkmark -
Complete set of LabChart Extensions checkmark checkmark checkmark -
Publish experimental data through LabChart Online checkmark checkmark - -
5 years of updates and upgrades to all LabChart software checkmark - - -


Research Fields


Signal pre-processing and data reduction

Peak Analysis

Automate calculation of peak parameters such as peak height, half-width, latency period, population spike height, rise time, area and tau.

Cyclic Measurements

Preprocess incoming signals to detect cycles and analyze periodic waveforms in real-time.


Use the Arithmetic dialog to enter formulae and dynamically create data for the display channel.


The Spectrum View is a powerful tool to display and analyze the component frequencies of a signal.

Multipoint Calibration

Perform linear and non-linear corrections on any input using up to 12 standard points. Copy or print the fit equation, SSE and r2 information.

Scope View

Use a PowerLab and get the display and analysis capabilities of a digital storage oscilloscope at your fingertips. Ideal for periodic waveforms, like visual evoked potentials or evoked EMG.


Signal specific Add-Ons

Cardiac Output

Customize and automatically calculate cardiac output from a thermodilution curve.

ECG Analysis

PQRST is as easy as ABC with automated waveform detection and classification. Use our animal or human preset feature or customize your own bespoke analysis.

Dose Response

Custom or automatic calculation and generation of single or multiple dose response curves, from a centralized setup and display.

Spike Histogram

Advanced spike discrimination and data analysis in real time.

PV Loop

Experience simplicity! The new Workflow mode for PV Loop makes everything from calibration through to analysis easy.


Derive multiple respiratory parameters from recorded flow and volume and generate an easy-to-read spirometry report.


Specialized analysis of metabolic function.

Video Capture

Combine and synchronize video observation with data acquisition.

Data management and workflow

Data Pad

Use the Data Pad to log parameters and calculations; performing spreadsheet analysis right within LabChart.


Use Macros to systematically record and then playback your actions. Macros make repetitive operations, whether they be simple or complex, a breeze.

Playback File

Stream pre-recorded data as if the data were coming live from an attached device. Mimic real-life recording situations using previously recorded data.


Quickly add notes at discrete points in time series data to help track events and protocol changes.

Stimulation and feedback control


Quickly set up custom stimulation protocols using the Stimulator dialog.

Event Manager

Monitor LabChart data and set actions based on levels, timing and recording.


And much, much more!

Contact us for answers to any questions or to discuss your requirements.


Streamlined Workflow

“Of most importance was the fact that all data was recorded on a time-aligned beat-by-beat basis - this is vital for the calculation of transfer function analysis based on the relationship between cerebral blood flow and blood pressure.”

Professor Ainslie
Canada Research Chair
Cerebrovascular Physiology


Diverse Applications

“...the synchronized video is really a complete solution, taking swimming technique analysis to the next level. We have traveled with this equipment [LabChart & PowerLab] quite literally all over the world and presented at national and international symposiums. ”

Budd Termin
Swimming Coach


Data Integrity

“I like the fact that you can store all your data electronically. There is no need to create an auditing trail, because this is automatic. You can't remove bits of information. What is really interesting is that you can really go into the detail of the actual blood pressure trace and perform complex analyses very quickly. You simply export data into a standard template in Excel and have all your answers in seconds. Very smart.”

Dr. Kengatharan
President & COO
Armetheon, Inc.

For Education

Use research-grade software and hardware in the teaching lab

The same software that is essential to your own research success can now be used in (and out of) your undergraduate and postgraduate physiology labs. LabChart Teaching Suite, PowerLabs and our collection of specialized teaching kits make it easy to get your lab set up ready for students to record their own data. Students can even complete analysis assignments at home with the LabChart Student license.

PowerLab and LabChart at the Top 100 universities

In 2010, Quacquarelli Symonds released a list of the Top 100 universities for life science, based on academic citations, peer review, recruiter review, faculty-student ratio and international orientation.

PowerLab hardware and LabChart software are used at every one of these institutions, including Harvard, Oxford, and the University of Tokyo.

Access a Range of Teaching Resources

To save you valuable time in creating course materials, we have developed a number of teaching resources for human physiology, animal physiology, general biology and psychophysiology. Each experiment comes with a large range of teaching materials including instructor notes, student protocols, and settings files.

Educator Professional Development

ADInstruments provides regular training workshops and webinars to help educators grow their technical abilities and introduce new ideas to their classrooms.

For example, the Classroom of Excellence at Cornell University is dedicated to training faculty members and instructors from around the world on a range of popular and cutting-edge neuroscience techniques.


Product Codes

  • MLU60/8 LabChart
  • MLS330/8 LabChart GLP Server
  • MLS335/8 LabChart GLP Client

System Requirements

Generally speaking, any PC or Mac desktop or laptop computer with a recent Intel or AMD processor and 2 Gb or more of system memory will be sufficient in most circumstances.

See the full list of system requirements for ADInstruments software.



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