• LabChart

    Enabling Discovery

    LabChart helps you to make the visible with adaptable display of biological signals, online calculations and real-time graphs. You can visualise correlations and gain insights as your research unfolds.

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    LabChart - Enabling Discovery
  • What is Lt?

    What is Lt?

    After 27 years at the cutting edge of life science education, ADInstruments is bringing a new element to the table.

  • Heroes Come in Many Forms

    Professor Damian Bailey

    Director of the Research Institute of Science and Health, University of South Wales, UK

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    Professor Damian Bailey
  • AHA Scientific Sessions 2015

    November 7-11, Orlando FL

    We are proud to exhibit at the American Heart Association's Scientific Sessions which is the leading cardiovascular conference for basic, translational, clinical and population science in the United States.

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    AHA Scientific Sessions 2015
  • SfN - Neuroscience 2015

    Chicago, October 16-21

    The 45th annual meeting of the Society for Neuroscience is the premier venue for neuroscientists to present emerging science, learn from experts, forge collaborations with peers, and explore new tools and technologies.

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    SfN - Neuroscience 2015

Over 26 years of experience – serving over 10,000 organizations worldwide.


Flexible data acquisition and analysis software. You can also share and view LabChart data files for free with LabChart Reader .


Reliable multi-purpose data acquisition hardware trusted for a wide range of research and teaching applications.


Engage students with self-guided, interactive exercises in and out of the classroom.


Reliable data at your fingertips

ADInstruments’ Human NIBP System combines the accuracy of the Finapres technology with the flexible analysis of LabChart software.

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Trigno Wireless EMG

We recorded the sEMG signals from a top gymnast as she ran, tumbled, and flipped through her routine.

Trigno EMG wireless systems make EMG signal detection reliable and easy. Combine the power of PowerLab and LabChart software with revolutionary Motion Artifact Supression technology from Delsys Inc.

Trigno Wireless EMG

LabChart Compatible

New arrivals to the LabChart community

Oxford Optronix tissue vitality monitors can now interface directly with LabChart.

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“We believe in making simple, flexible tools that help advance science research and education.”

Michael Macknight, CEO


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27 Sep 2015

Colin Olivier, one of our talented Applications Scientists and the Technical Sales representative for Northeastern USA, reports back from CrawFly - the renowned Neurophysiology Workshop for Educators run by Cornell University and ADInstruments as part of the Classroom of Excellence series. We'd like to thank everyone involved for helping to make it a great success, and special thanks to Mike Kaplan, PhD for the awesome photography! And if you haven't been yet, read on to see what CrawFly is like…

14 Sep 2015

Last week, thousands of medical educators, administrators, researchers and students converged on Glasgow for the annual meeting of AMEE, the Association of Medical Educators in Europe - five intense days for people at all stages of their careers to exchange ideas and learn about the latest advances in this field. Whether you wanted to know "Has the medical student changed?" or "How do you invent a model abscess?", AMEE 2015 had an answer for you! 

5 Sep 2015

Meet Dr Hannah Critchlow of Cambridge University, a passionate neuroscientist and powerful storyteller who spoke at the Hay Festival in Wales earlier this year about the brain and human creativity, analysing the brainwaves of her audience using an EEG kit and PowerLab and wiring up a writer to show how the creative brain goes about composing a difficult chapter​. We spoke to Hannah about the festival, her love of neuroscience and what inspires her.