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  • What is Lt?

    What is Lt?

    After 27 years at the cutting edge of life science education, ADInstruments is bringing a new element to the table.

  • Heroes come in
    many forms

    Dr. Tony Hickey

    Biochemist and comparative physiologist

    "Many natural environments mirror problems faced in medical arenas today, for example hypoxia in a rock pool may mimic stroke or impaired lung. However, some aquatic species thrive in these environments. In studying these species, we may develop new insights, and potential treatments, for stroke, coma, diabetes and obesity.."

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  • Festival of Neuroscience

    Visit us at booth 10. Edinburgh, Scotland April 12-15 2015

    We’re excited to attend the biannual Festival of Neuroscience, an inspiring three days dedicated to advancing knowledge in all fields relating to our understanding of the brain. It’s a conference we love to attend and we look forward to seeing you there!

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    ADInstruments at BNA 2015
  • PowerLab

    Data with integrity

    PowerLab is engineered for precise, consistent, reliable data acquisition, giving you the reproducible data you need while meeting the strictest international safety standards.

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    PowerLab - Data with integrity
  • Better Together

    ADInstruments and Millar, Inc. are pleased to announce a new partnership, with ADInstruments becoming the exclusive distributor of Millar’s cardiovascular research products.

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    AHA ADInstruments - Pump Up Your Research

Over 26 years of experience – serving over 10,000 organizations worldwide.


Flexible data acquisition and analysis software. You can also share and view LabChart data files for free with LabChart Reader .


Reliable multi-purpose data acquisition hardware trusted for a wide range of research and teaching applications.


Engage students with self-guided, interactive exercises in and out of the classroom.


Reliable data at your fingertips

ADInstruments’ Human NIBP System combines the accuracy of the Finapres technology with the flexible analysis of LabChart software.

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Trigno Wireless EMG

We recorded the sEMG signals from a top gymnast as she ran, tumbled, and flipped through her routine.

Trigno EMG wireless systems make EMG signal detection reliable and easy. Combine the power of PowerLab and LabChart software with revolutionary Motion Artifact Supression technology from Delsys Inc.

Trigno Wireless EMG

LabChart Compatible

New arrivals to the LabChart community

Oxford Optronix tissue vitality monitors can now interface directly with LabChart.

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“We believe in making simple, flexible tools that help advance science research and education.”

Michael Macknight, CEO


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26 Mar 2015

In autumn of 2014, we were proud to sponsor a poetry competition run by the UK Physiological Society in conjunction with Biology week.  The challenge was to write an “Ode to physiology” and was open to two student age groups: under 11’s and under 19’s. 

10 Mar 2015

Sponsored by ADInstruments and awarded by the APS Neural Control and Autonomic Regulation Section (NCAR), this award recognizes the achievements of a promising, early-career scientist who has made a significant contribution to the understanding of neural control and autonomic regulation. This year the winner of the Michael J. Brody Young Investigator award is Dr. Jacqueline Limberg for her work on the control of blood pressure during hypoglycemia. Congratulations from all of us at ADInstruments! 

10 Mar 2015

The ADInstruments team​ have long been strong advocates for innovation in teaching and for creative use of technology in the classroom, and we're pleased to show our support for creative educators with the Macknight award, to be presented at EB 2015. This year the winner is Dr. Trevor Day of Mt Royal University, Calgary, Canada.