LabChart 8 is packed with new features to help you achieve more. With a new Scope View and seamless integration between Windows and Mac, the World's best data acquisition software just got better.


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LabChart 8 for Mac


Over 26 years of experience – serving over 10,000 organizations worldwide.


Flexible data acquisition and analysis software. You can also share and view LabChart data files for free with LabChart Reader.


Reliable multi-purpose data acquisition hardware trusted for a wide range of research and teaching applications.


Engage students with self-guided, interactive exercises in and out of the classroom.


Reliable data at your fingertips

ADInstruments’ Human NIBP System combines the accuracy of the Finapres technology with the flexible analysis of LabChart software.

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Trigno Wireless EMG

We recorded the sEMG signals from a top gymnast as she ran, tumbled, and flipped through her routine.

Trigno EMG wireless systems make EMG signal detection reliable and easy. Combine the power of PowerLab and LabChart software with revolutionary Motion Artifact Supression technology from Delsys Inc.

Trigno Wireless EMG

LabChart Compatible

New arrivals to the LabChart community

Oxford Optronix tissue vitality monitors can now interface directly with LabChart.

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“We believe in making simple, flexible tools that help advance science research and education.”

Michael Macknight, CEO


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27 Aug 2014

A month ago we welcomed the latest additions to the LabChart Compatible community - a Blood Flow Monitor and an Oxygen Monitor from Oxford Optronix that record directly into

30 Jul 2014

A 0.1 decrease in seawater pH doesn't seem like much but a recent study into the retinal function of damselfish suggests this small change could impact the sensory systems of fish.

21 Jul 2014

We’d like to announce the release of LabChart 8 for Mac! The latest version of LabChart for the Mac platform has both great new features and many small improvements.