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with LabTutor

Engage your students in and out of the classroom with dynamic, hands-on life science

Take rich, compelling classes that help students learn independently or in groups through a series of practical exercises. LabTutor software engages your students through active learning and self-evaluation.

Over 500 fully customizable exercises

Life Science

Introduce students to science fundamentals in the ultimate active learning environment; the laboratory.


Students study important concepts, practice measuring their own biopotentials, and watch videos where real patients talk about their conditions and treatment.


Students connect physiology theory with real clinical practice for nursing and healthcare. Students learn real procedures and develop empathy by watching videos of real patients talking about their medical history.

LabChart Advanced Life Science

Teach with the same research-grade equipment the professionals use

Students investigate physiological concepts and practice common procedures with LabChart software and PowerLab hardware – research-grade products used in all Top 100 Universities in the world.

Over 50 documented experiments with over 150 exercises

Advanced Life Science

Students investigate and learn with specialized experiments for human physiology, animal physiology, biochemistry, general biology and psychophysiology.

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Classroom of Excellence

Classroom of Excellence at Cornell is dedicated to training faculty members and instructors from around the world on a range of popular and cutting-edge neuroscience techniques.