Can rat telemeters measure temperature?

All rat telemeters record temperature and the signal is assigned to SmartPad Analog Output 3, regardless of the telemeter model (Table 1). When the telemeter is operating within the wireless power field of the SmartPad, temperature output from the SmartPad is updated once every 2 hours.
Table 1: SmartPad analog outputs for all rat telemeter models
Continuous temperature measurement is available if the SmartPad charging field is disabled, or the rat is moved out of the charging field range. During this time the telemeter is powered by the back-up battery and continuous temperature measurement can be supported for 3-6 hours, depending on the telemeter model. After continuous temperature measurement is complete, the rat must be returned to the SmartPad and the charging field enabled to ensure the battery is recharged for future use.
Please note that temperature measurement is unavailable in Cohousing Mode.