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Beginners Guide to using LabChart Lightning

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2: Getting Started

New Users

Here are some simple steps to get you started

Want a bit more detail? Check out our introductory webinar series.

Have you used LabChart before?

Here are some changes to expect before getting started with LabChart Lightning

Want a bit more detail? Check out our introductory webinar series.

LabChart Lightning Videos

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LabChart Lightning 1.3

Calling all innovators!

We are opening our Lightning Early Adopters Group to new members! Joining the Early Adopters group allows you early access to new features prior to public release, and gives you the opportunity to impact future Lightning development!
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Device Plugin Development Support

  • Device plugin developers can now choose to show device warnings and add annotations while sampling. Devices can show a message around the start button when something goes wrong while sampling, and can optionally add an annotation to the appropriate signals from the device. Optionally, but commonly, the user is offered the choice to continue sampling or not.
  • We have improved our Ardunio and MentaLab device script examples to better handle multiple devices and different sampling rates.
  • For more more information on these third-party device changes, please visit the LightningDeviceSDK.


  • The look and feel of the History list has been updated, including new Undo and Redo buttons.
  • LabChart Lightning displays a notification when a software update is available. This notification now stays visible until the user dismisses it.
  • When opening Lightning, the application would sometimes say that there was no internet access, then ask the user to log in again. This has been fixed.
  • Three units conversion issues have been fixed:
    • Units conversion is now set up correctly in cloned recordings and exported settings.
    • The units conversion UI now works correctly in cloned recordings.
    • Block separators in Chart View are now drawn correct after units are updated.

New Known Issues

  • Data signals can sometimes fail to display in Chart View when zooming while sampling. Data is still sampled correctly, but it may temporarily fail to display.

LabChart Lightning 1.3.174

New Features

You can now choose which calculation is shown in the Selection Properties, making it easier to interpret the data you have selected.


  • Chart View data would sometimes fail to draw if zooming out while sampling. This has been fixed.
  • When sampling from multiple devices, data would sometimes be drawn out of step in Chart View. This has been fixed.
  • The cardiovascular cyclic measurement calculations in the custom calculation library are now working correctly.
  • The variable fields in custom calculations have been tweaked, and are now large enough to see all inputs in full.
  • Mac users no longer see a permissions error when downloading the latest version of LabChart Lightning.
  • LabChart Lightning now has a minimum window size of 1366x768. This is larger than the previous minimum window size.
  • Edits to Subject names are now always preserved.
  • The Commands, Setup and View menus are now hidden when editing custom calculations. 

New Known Issues

  • PowerLab drivers may not be installed correctly for LabChart Lightning users who have never installed any other ADInstruments software. If this happens, LabChart Lightning will not be able to sample from PowerLabs. The workaround is to install LabChart 8, which can be downloaded from adinstruments.com

LabChart Lightning 1.2.303

New Features

  • In this release, users are now able to export projects that are larger than 2GB. We have also provided a progress wheel to show the status of the exporting project.
  • Users now have control over certain hardware features they can access from third-party devices.
  • It is now possible to sync time to record data from a third-party device and a PowerLab.
  • More more information on these third-party device changes, please visit the LightningDeviceSDK: https://github.com/adinstruments/LightningDeviceSDK/


  • The Chart View y-axis position is now preserved.
  • Calculations with more than one ‘Width’ parameter now connect to the correct node.
  • Moving annotations was sometimes causing a crash, and this has now been fixed.
  • Maximising channels in Chart View now has improved reliability and can no longer cause crashes.

New Known Issues

  • There are no new known issues in this release.