Collection and Use of Information

ADInstruments is committed to maintaining the security of your personal information by preventing the loss, misuse and alteration of information provided to us by you.

We will maintain the confidentiality of the personal information you provide to us (your name, address, company details, etc). We will not sell or provide this information to any individual or third party.

In some areas of the site we may ask for visitor information to improve the type and quality of our services and products and to tailor them to suit your needs.

We also collect personal information from customers who wish to use restricted services on our web site such as obtaining software updates and getting access to teaching experiment materials.

In some circumstances, where it is impractical to obtain specific prior consent, we may use the personal information you have provided to advise you of our promotional activities. When we send you information, you will be given an opportunity to elect not to receive any further communications from us. If you do this, your name and details will be removed from future mailings.

Customers in Australia

Please see our Australian Privacy Policy.

Email Communication

ADInstruments will only record your e-mail address if you send us a message using e-mail, or if you provide us with your contact e-mail address.

Opting Out

The ADInstruments Website provides visitors with the opportunity to opt-out of receiving direct mail communication from ADInstruments. This opt-out option occurs at any point where we request information from you, such as on our registration form for access to restricted software and other materials. Your choice to opt-out from receiving direct mail will not prevent you from registering for restricted services such as software updates and getting access to teaching experiment materials.


Our website uses cookies.  A cookie is a data file placed on a device when it is used to access one or more features of our website. Cookies may be used for many purposes, including, without limitation, remembering you andyour preferences and tracking your visits to our web pages. If you choose to disable cookies on your device, some features of our website may not function properly. ADI uses cookies when you sign in, to identify you and keep track ofyour personal session.

Privacy Concerns

If you have any privacy concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us. We appreciate your feedback.