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Beginners Guide to using LabChart

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Licensing Information

LabChart 8 offers a range of data recording and analysis or analysis only licence options. Find out more.


Getting Started

Within the Welcome Centre of LabChart, you will be provided with a helpful getting started Tutorial with tips and tricks to help get you up and running quickly.

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Take it to the next level

  • Expand and deepen your knowledge of data acquisition and analysis with LabChart 8 through our online training course. Find out more

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LabChart Videos

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Getting Started with LabChart 3 Videos +
Setting up, calibrating, and acquiring data in LabChart 19 Videos +
Basic Analysis and channel calculations 3 Videos +
Visualizing and presenting analyzed data 2 Videos +
Advanced or application-specific analysis 48 Videos +

General 3 Videos

Cardiovascular 20 Videos

Respiratory 3 Videos

Human physiology and wireless recording 6 Videos

Isolated organ or tissue 7 Videos

Autonomic 8 Videos

Neurophysiology 1 Videos

ADI Heroes 3 Videos +
LabChart Version:

Kaha Sciences

LabChart Experiment Collections

LabChart Teaching Suite and LabChart Experiments allow your students to use research-grade software and hardware to investigate physiological concepts and practice common procedures.

Services and training

Our range of interactive, hands-on courses and workshops reduce on-boarding time, and work to increase efficiency and output, helping you achieve your education and research aims, faster.

Online Training Course

Expand and deepen your knowledge of data acquisition and analysis with LabChart 8 through our online training course.


An ideal resource for those wishing to learn in their own time and pace, or looking for an option to train lab staff when social distancing is in place. This course is an online version of our 2-day in person training option via our own active learning educational platform, Lt. Course content includes:

  • Data acquisition basics
  • Filtering and smoothing
  • Using Chart, Scope and Spectrum Views
  • Advanced analysis features, such as Macros and Arithmetic
  • Training on each of the LabChart Pro advanced modules

A comprehensive and interactive way to unlock the meaning of your data.

Each lesson contains:

  • Learning objectives
  • Technique / feature overviews
  • Video-directed exercises with demo files
  • Interactive questions and answers

This option is currently available in North America, South America, UK, and the EU. If you are interested in further details or access to this course, please fill out the form below and we will be in touch.

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